Emmerdale viewers ‘work out’ Amelia’s mystery illness as teen fears for her life

Amelia discovered a bump on her body, leading Emmerdale watchers to believe she may soon receive a cancer diagnosis.

The popular ITV soap opera’s Thursday night episode left Amelia concerned about who would take care of Esther after she discovered a mysterious tumor.

She made the decision to speak with Victoria, who reassures her that everything will be fine. Amelia later visited Manpreet in the doctor’s office to discuss the lump, but was overwhelmed when she was told to go to the breast clinic.

Amelia is more upset by the appointment that Manpreet set up. Things appear to be moving swiftly because Amelia later received a call from the clinic when she and her daughter were visiting the park.

Despite breaking down in tears, she consented to a visit the following day. While he was observed watching her sob, Noah chose to keep his distance and go on.

Now, viewers believe Amelia will be found to have breast cancer. “Amelia found a lump. I hope it’s not cancer. #Emmerdale,” tweeted @RyanTheSoapking.

Tweeted @GeorgiaBowring: “#Emmerdale Then Samson will be left in charge of the child and have to mature and accept responsibility after Amelia is diagnosed with breast cancer and dies as a result of it.

Amelia is concerned that she might have cancer, so why push Noah away?, said @JamieSummersTV. Only one man, not her father, cares in #Emmerdale.

If Amelia develops cancer, who will look after the infant, tweeted @Rmscott? “How frightening for Amelia…#emmerdale,” said @teenamassam.

@SARamsay1 commented: “I hope Amelia doesn’t have cancer; she shouldn’t travel alone to her checkup. #emmerdale.” Amelia has a lump in her breast, according to @mikepriestley13. I hope #Emmerdale it’s nothing serious.

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