Emmerdale viewers spot ‘swipe at Boris’ before floods of tears at emotional Faith ending

Fans of Emmerdale were moved to tears by tonight’s show, but not before discovering a humorous reference to current events in the real world.

Even though Faith was getting ready to say goodbye after opting to end her cancer treatment, it was an emotional episode, yet the Emmerdale producers still found time to make fun of Boris Johnson.

When they heard Faith use the phrase “them’s the breaks” during their emotional evening with Eric, fans noticed that Boris Johnson had used the same phrase earlier today during his resignation statement.

Although considering that the episode was filmed weeks in advance, it appears extremely likely to be coincidence, it provided a little bit of light relief in an otherwise emotionally taxing show.

stated Peta Fox: “They’re the breaks, Faith says. She isn’t the only person today to use that foolish phrase!” And @BListatCapital tweeted: “What is going on!! Faith in Emmerdale just said ‘Thems the breaks’.”

Comment from Sharon Forbes: “What an appropriate coincidence! In tonight’s episode of #Emmerdale, Faith observed, “Those are the breaks,” and Mark Fairhead remarked, “Wow.

Although it may have been recorded months ago, FaIth quotes Boris Johnson in his resignation speech, “Them’s the Breaks,” on the exact day he says it. Marvellous.”

Fans were nevertheless upset by the sad conclusion, which saw Faith and Cain share a gorgeous morning, despite the amusing coincidence.

It was obvious that this is the beginning of Faith’s end, even though it was not the sad conclusion some fans had feared.

tweeted @MischasMum: “But tonight was heartbreaking, and I won’t be able to watch that show because Faith is departing,” Sus Ebo remarked. Don’t want Faith to leave; she’s a great character, and Sally is an incredible performer “.

said @Vanitypending: “So many people’s lives are going to be left with such a huge vacuum caused by faith!

Her passing will be remembered for years, according to @Mammy white, who added: “Affected, affected my bloody heart broke at the end. I’m not sure if it was the music, faith holding Cain’s hand and seeming satisfied, or Cain’s full eyes, but it hit me right in the feels “.

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