Emmerdale viewers spot major Vinny blunder as he turns to crime amid cost of living woes

When the Dingles battled the cold on Friday night’s episode of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, viewers think they discovered a significant error.

In the beginning of the episode, the family could not afford to turn on the warmth due to financial difficulties, therefore they were seen dressed in dressing gowns, coats, and gloves.

The family is having trouble finding the money to heat their modest home in the midst of the rising cost of living and the bitterly cold winter.

After Lydia temporarily resigned her work, the family has been struggling, and to make matters worse, the financial difficulties have coincided with Liv’s 21st birthday, which has made Vinny miserable.

Fans of Emmerdale were perplexed by the plot, though, as many recalled that Vinny had received a large amount of Liv’s property and assets when she passed away, raising the question of why he hadn’t dug into his funds given the precarious situation at the Dingle home.

Why is Vinnie skint given he inherited Liv’s estate, a Twitter user questioned.

Another person questioned in a similar manner: “Surely between them all, they could scrape by? Vinny has a vacant apartment, doesn’t he?

Isn’t Vinny loaded? asked a third. What happened to Liv & Vinnie’s place, a different person inquired?

Yet, it appears that the bereaved character will instead enlist Belle’s assistance in turning to a life of crime in order to heat the house.

The family was seen in a warm home with the heating on at the end of Friday’s broadcast, and the couple revealed that they had filled the tank with oil after selling a carburetor.

But, it appears that there may be more to the change in fortunes than meets the eye, as teasers indicate the pair engage in shady business to get through the winter.

Although they have somewhat eased down recently, the legendary soap family has long been known for their sneaky money-making techniques.

But, in order to fill their own oil tank, Belle and Vinny take the dangerous step of siphoning oil from Eric’s oil tank.

When they are forced to retaliate as their oil runs out once more, will they be caught red-handed?

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