Emmerdale viewers spot major problem with Kim Tate as Caleb makes his move

Viewers of Emmerdale were quick to notice Kim Tate’s issue as she fell for Caleb’s deception.

Kim, a businesswoman, doesn’t typically trust people easily, but it appears that Caleb has gained her trust because she rushed to him for assistance. Caleb and Nicky are father and son, with Caleb also being the child of Kim’s ex-husband Frank Tate, it was revealed last week.

It was also made known that Caleb now intended to reclaim his father’s wealth while leaving Kim with nothing. On Tuesday’s episode of the popular ITV soap opera, Caleb demonstrated his willingness to go to extreme lengths in order to see the scam through to the very conclusion.

In an effort to protect her assets, Kim goes to Caleb for assistance and maintains that he is the finest candidate to manage her finances.

She is unaware that she has unwittingly stepped into his trap, and viewers are perplexed as to how the astute businesswoman failed to recognize Caleb’s cunning ruse. “Kim needs to dig into Caleb’s so-called legal practice, what’s wrong with her… #emmerdale,” tweeted @teenamassam.

I take your work very seriously, Kim she says, LOL! #Emmerdale, said @Jamie27A_ in jest. “No no no Kim would have already figured out Caleb #emmerdale,” wrote @Bu71954521Tracy.

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