Emmerdale viewers spot major continuity flaw with character

Viewers of Emmerdale questioned why Eve’s character in the most recent scenes regressed to a baby.

At tonight’s episode, Chas was sitting in the cafe while she took a break from the village. She was open with Kim about Faith’s disease during the scenario and said she wasn’t quite ready to lose her mother.

Chas was accompanied by her three-year-old daughter Eve, who was hidden from view by a children’s seat on top of the table. She wasn’t the focus of the action, but all during the talk she could be heard making sounds like a baby.

As they wondered why she sounded the way she did, the cries and mumbles piqued the interest of the audience.

Eve had regressed to a degree from last week’s episode, when she was still a toddler wandering around, to this one.

The continuity error wasn’t well received by the audience, who discussed why the character underwent such a significant transformation in such a short period of time.

Eve was a toddler running around last week, but now she’s back in a stroller and using baby-talk, according to one viewer. Someone another said, “Why does Eve sound like a little baby when she’s almost 3?”

“Eve is 3 why have they got her sat in her pram sounding like a baby,” a third viewer questioned. One more thing was added: “Eve was painting pictures last week while sitting up in a chair and was roughly two years old. She is once again babbling like an 8-month-old. Decide what you want.”

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