Emmerdale viewers spot issue with Cain’s discovery as Leyla’s addiction woes exposed

As Cain Dingle revealed the extent of Leyla Cavanagh’s addiction, viewers of Emmerdale were perplexed.

The long-running soap opera continued to focus on Leyla’s drug use in its Friday episode. The character, who is portrayed by Roxy Shahidi, is wed to Liam Cavanagh, the town doctor, and the two have had issues ever since Leanna, Liam’s daughter, was killed by Meena Jutla last summer.

Following a miscarriage, Leyla turned to drugs as a result of the stressful circumstances. In yesterday’s broadcast, she overdosed and was taken to the hospital.

After learning that his wife had been rushed to A&E, Liam was in denial about her addiction issues. However, Leyla’s battle with addiction was made public when Cain found a bag of pills she had kept for her supplier, Callum.

Due to the deteriorating financial circumstances of her company, Leyla consented to store the haul. When Matty Barton took the stash earlier this week, she was shocked.

Though she has since recovered the cache, viewers who were watching the broadcast on Twitter were perplexed to learn that Leyla had returned the pills to the very same cabinet they had been taken from.

“Leyla just put the holdall in the same bloody cupboard,” Chris replied.

“Kane and Liam searching for hours before finding a huge bag in the lone cabinet in the room,” Jamie continued.

Pete wrote: “Leyla seems to have put the bag back in the same spot.”

She placed the bag in the same cupboard, Kelly said.

As Ryan tweeted: “Why would Leyla leave Callum’s drug cache in the exact location as it was stolen? Leyla was a little bit stupid for saying that.”

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