Emmerdale viewers spot ‘forgotten’ Sugden family link after surprise scene

As Victoria Sugden and Sarah Sugden appeared in a surprise scene together, Emmerdale viewers immediately recognized a “forgotten” family connection.

Sarah and Victoria don’t often appear in scenes together, however on Tuesday’s episode of the popular ITV soap opera, Sarah was spotted with Victoria at the Hide Bisto.

Since Sarah’s father is Andy Sugden, Victoria’s adopted brother, Sarah is Victoria’s niece. The worst happened when stalker Lloyd’s wife Julia showed up at the restaurant in search of Amelia.

Sarah hurried to inform Amelia about the unexpected arrival as soon as Victoria requested that Julia leave and stop seeking for the adolescent mother.

Before Dan learned of it, Julia’s husband Lloyd pursued, terrorized, and sought to groom Amelia.

Dan moved quickly to intervene and eventually punched Lloyd, putting him in a coma. Amelia became tearful as she argued that she didn’t want her kid to grow up without a grandfather if Dan is imprisoned following rumors that Lloyd was being taken out of his coma.

Sarah Sugden advised that she make the allegation that Lloyd had sexually assaulted her, and Amelia seemed to be in favor of the suggestion.

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