Emmerdale viewers slam Naomi as soap draws complaints about ‘too many Southerners’

During this evening’s episode of Emmerdale, which drew a number of comments about the characters, fans had much to gripe about. People were complaining about Naomi, who has recently shown to be an extremely unpopular character.

Strangely enough, the regional makeup of the soap’s cast also garnered criticism. There are “too many southerners” in the Yorkshire-set soap, a fan criticized.

Charles was able to explain what actually happened the night he was discovered collapsed to Manpreet and Ethan in tonight’s episode after emerging from his artificial coma. And, much to Manpreet’s surprise, it was not Naomi’s fault.

Manpreet was left with her tail between her legs and compelled to apologize to both the police and Naomi for her error after already getting her jailed for assault.

Naomi told Manpreet that it would “take a miracle” for Charles to forgive her for her error, even if she was willing to listen to what Manpreet had to say.

And the Emmerdale audience has had enough of her by this point. I’ll hope for a miracle so that Naomi returns to where she came from, like @pam debeauvoir stated.

Posted by @amz07 “I fail to comprehend the significance of this Naomi character or the adoption tale. Whoa, why?” Says @AsenDance2: “Do one Naomi.” “Who the f*** brought these 2 in the show,” tweeted @SafricanAnimal.

One admirer, though, said that Emmerdale reminded them of Eastenders since they didn’t think it was sufficiently Yorkshire-based. RT @BritishBC: “Emmerdale resembles EastEnders more. There are way too many Southerners there. Even though I’m from the South, I find it annoying. Please add more northern characters to this soap opera.”

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