Emmerdale viewers say ‘had enough’ after u-turn in Charity and Chloe triangle

Mack has made the decision that he wants to reunite with Charity.

Since Mack has made the decision that he wants to reconcile with Charity, his ex-wife, Emmerdale viewers have “had enough” of his love triangle.

As fans are aware, during Super Soap Week in October, Mack had to decide between Chloe and Charity after they were both involved in a serious vehicle accident.

Chloe fell from the cliffs, but Mack made the decision to take Charity’s hand and pull her to safety. Chloe chose to forgive because she was certain that Mack still loved her and she still wanted to be with him.

Mack and Chloe seemed to be improving their connection in tonight’s episode of the popular ITV soap opera.

The pair walked to the pub, where things became tense when a displeased Chas joked about Charity being ejected from the hamlet and Mack being able to live his best life.

Subsequently, Mack saw Charity getting into her car, and he thought she and Debbie were traveling to Scotland.

Mack sat down on the ground in front of her automobile and attempted to stop her. Charity disclosed that her stay will be limited to a few days.

Mack decided that now was the ideal opportunity to come clean and told Charity that he would end their relationship with Chloe in order for them to start over together.

Those who were watching at home decided they “had enough” of the plot and immediately posted their thoughts on social media.

“This #Mack #Charity #Chloe storyline is so boring, and to be honest, I doubt that anyone cares #Emmerdale,” tweeted .

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