Emmerdale viewers predict what will happen to baby Reuben amid health battle

After the newborn ended up in intensive care, Emmerdale viewers made predictions about what would happen to Reuben.

The infant child is presently suffering bacterial meningitis, and his mother Chloe Harris is afraid he may not survive. Mackenzie Boyd, Reuben’s father, is having a tougher time keeping his genuine emotions hidden.

The birth of their son was the result of a relationship between Mack and Chloe, which his wife Charity Dingle is still unaware of. Fans have already offered their theories on how the story might develop further, thus it is anticipated that the secret won’t be a secret for very much longer.

Some worry that the infant won’t survive the condition, while others think the child may need a donation that only Mack can provide. Reuben will undoubtedly require a transplant or blood transfusion, as @deanobeanos noted.

“This baby Reuben story would’ve been better if there was something only his dad could give him,” @ToddGM246 observed.

Please reassure me they won’t kill off the baby, begged @DamiSpooky. That is harsh.

Others, though, are still dubious about Mack’s paternity. Imagine if the child is indeed Noah’s and Charity’s grandson, as @JamieSummersTV suggested.

It follows tonight’s episode, which culminated with a violent outburst as Mack lost control. Dan Spencer’s optimism is too much for him to handle, so he punches him in the face and rushes out of The Woolpack, leaving Charity in a state of shock.

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