Emmerdale viewers predict turning point in Kim and Caleb drama

Viewers of Emmerdale think Kim is about to thwart Caleb’s plan to steal her property.

Fans learned last week that Nicky, a nanny at Home Farm, is Caleb’s mother, and that Caleb is the hidden child of Frank Tate, Kim’s ex-husband.

Caleb and Nicky have teamed up to take Kim down and steal everything from her, including the farm, but Kim has been blissfully unaware of this.

In tonight’s episode, Kim received information from an unnamed source that her “financial problems” were well-known to others in the community. When questioned about the potential perpetrator, she said that she was on the case and there was no need to be concerned.

She resisted discussing the drama openly in the scenes that followed, especially in front of Nicky, because “the nanny doesn’t need to know about my financial issues.”

Viewers have the impression that she is close to upsetting Nicky and Caleb’s plans given the sneaky comment and generally relaxed attitude she has displayed.

One viewer predicted that Kim will solve the crime. Someone else said, “Kim always has her head on.”

A third responded, “Kim is on Nicky and Caleb…. She is merely pretending. Finally, it was stated, “I believe Kim can somehow spell the Frank blood that lingers through Nicky, which is why she despises him so.”

Later, Kim assured Suzy, “I never fail,” and she would figure out who was trying to harm her finances.

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