Emmerdale viewers predict Cain revenge plot and link to dead character

Viewers of Emmerdale speculate that Will’s encounter with Cain in tonight’s episode may involve more than just defending Kyle.

Will (Dean Andrews) places himself between the mother of the murderer boy, Amy Wyatt, and Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), as well as between Kyle, Cain’s son (Chelsea Halfpenny). In the episode, Samson (Sam Hall) expresses interest in Amelia and Paddy’s child despite the fact that they aren’t dating and Paddy (Dominic Brunt) is still absent.

Kyle is currently awaiting trial for the murder of Al Chapman, and Cain is upset that he is unable to visit his son. Will “get what’s coming to him,” Cain declares at the episode’s end.

A previous iteration of Will worked as a drug dealer and belonged to Det Insp. Mark Malone’s band of bent cops.

And, as a viewer of Emmerdale points out, Cain interacted with the defunct shady detective.

Tweets by “Spartacus2963” “Now that DI Malone is gone (and has since passed away), I’m wondering if Caleb has any involvement with or ties to him. Initially, when Malone first entered the hamlet, Cain had some shady dealings with him.”

Pixxalt tweets: “Cain is going to get royally f****d over by Caleb and I don’t know why or how but I’m here for it,” which is less detailed but still moves in the same direction.

Cain “is going to kidnap Will and put him in his car boot,” tweets Michael Marshall.

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