Emmerdale viewers make worrying prediction as Leyla Cavanagh issues addiction vow

As Leyla Cavanagh promised to stop using drugs, viewers of Emmerdale made a troubling prediction.

On the ITV drama, Roxy Shahidi’s character is going through a difficult time.

Liam Cavanagh, the town doctor, is Leyla’s husband, but the two have had issues ever since Leanna, Leam’s daughter, was killed by Meena Jutla last summer.

Following a miscarriage, Leyla turned to drugs as a result of the stressful time. Since then, she has been coping with her escalating drug problems.

In Wednesday night’s episode, previous love interest David Metcalfe caught Leyla red-handed.

The actor Matthew Wolfenden’s character was astounded by the information and vowed to tell her husband so she could get the help she needed.

David was startled to learn that Leyla had lied on tonight’s show about how long she had been doing narcotics.

She promised him, nevertheless, that she was leaving right away to save her marriage.

At the conclusion of Wednesday’s episode, Leyla declined a drug dealer’s offer, but those who follow the show on Twitter are skeptical that she has kicked her addiction.

David shouldn’t trust Leyla, Teena said, since he’ll regret not telling Liam if she overdoses.

Jamie said, “Leyla, stop being selfish and simply admit it. David’s right—you need expert assistance.”

“David, do the right thing. Shop Leyla. Save her from herself,” Pam said.

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