Emmerdale viewers make Will demand after cheering Mack’s violence

After the most recent episode, Emmerdale viewers have made a request.

The villagers’ worries about infant Reuben’s health persisted tonight. The infant was placed in special care after being diagnosed with bacterial meningitis, an infection of the membranes that surround the brain and spine.

The baby’s covert father, Mack Boyd, has also been crushed by the news. He went to the bottle at The Woolpack because he was unable to express the extent of his suffering.

He overheard a chat between Dan Spencer, Amy Wyatt, and his wife Charity Dingle while sipping his feelings. Dan tried to remain upbeat and made some remarks regarding the baby’s health, which caused Mack to erupt.

After that, Mack gave him a punch to the face and stormed off. Charity stayed behind in astonishment, still unaware of Mack’s relationship with Chloe.

Fans cheered Mack on on Twitter and applauded the violent spectacle. “Good on ya Mack,” said @Bede2Adam.

Dan down, Dan down,” said @macnamara60 in a tweet. MAGNIFICENT.”

Meanwhile, viewers expressed dissatisfaction with Will Taylor’s actions in recent episodes, complaining that the character appeared to have undergone a significant transformation. They expressed their displeasure on Twitter and demanded that producers stop “trying to make him out as a hardman” by criticizing his actions.

“Kill Will continues to irritate anyone he comes in contact with,” said @ASuperGav.

I don’t know who Will thinks he is since he married Kim, lamented @itzzzo_. He has become a complete t***.

Will is like a grown-up baby, according to @Rosepetal98_. He’s extremely obnoxious!”

“Who does Will think he is, some sort of big time gangster?” @xDiamond_Girlx questioned. It has nothing to do with you, so bugger off.

“Can they stop with trying to make Will out to be some kind of hard man, he’s an absolute wet wipe,” raged @aaron_dingles.

And @stevebethere made fun of Will by saying, “Breaking News: Will becomes a gangster overnight. Stay tuned.”

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