Emmerdale viewers make plea to producers after ‘distressing scenes’ warning

After tonight’s episode of Emmerdale, which featured a “distressing scenes” warning, viewers were unimpressed and demanded that two characters be dropped from the show.

Fans had previously expressed their displeasure with the warning that warned viewers of “scenes of distress which some viewers may find unpleasant.”

Others have also criticized the David and Victoria storyline, with viewers requesting their removal from the serial after a “cringe scene in the field.”

In tonight’s episode, Victoria proposed selling her property to David in order to pay off his debts. The duo is then shown stumbling around in the field, groping clumsily for one other’s hands.

There was a lot of discussion about the scene among viewers, with some joking that this must be the cause of the disclaimer at the start of the episode.

“The disturbing scenes must’ve been that cringey scene in the field with David and Victoria,” Owen commented on Twitter.

Victoria and David are laying on the lawn, what are they doing? asked Garry Enfield.

Most embarrassing lying in a field I’ve ever seen, according to Teena Massam.

Others urged managers to completely fire the couple. When will the Emmerdale producers realize that no one wants scenes with David and Victoria, asked Joe?

“When Meena comes back to deal with them once and for all, then and only then do I want them in a scene.”

“David is pathetic and does my head in why should Victoria sell her land when they haven’t been together that long,” remarked Roberto Diniro.

David and Victoria should “bugger off,” according to Michael Marshal.

Viewers were left wondering what the “distressing” sight was at the conclusion of the show.

One supporter enquired: “Where were the disturbing scenes, exactly? Although I get what you’re saying about Faith, everything seemed a little too mild.”

More worry in Emmerdale, Et must have spilled his cappuccino down his steps, a different user tweeted.

Another added: “Yay! The return of Scenes of Distress!”

“Emmerdale moments of agony again… oh wait, that’s every episode,” Jordan Phelps said.

It happens after Emmerdale actress Sally Dexter spoke candidly about Faith Dingle’s painful impending farewell.

Recently, the 62-year-old actress was featured in heartbreaking sequences as Faith Dingle fights terminal cancer.

Sally apparently admitted that filming her leaving was “challenging” and that she would find it difficult to say goodbye to her co-stars.

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