Emmerdale viewers left ‘torn’ as Nicola accuses Naomi of brutally attacking her

Emmerdale viewers are “divided” after witnessing Nicola King viciously accuse Naomi Walters of assaulting her.

Nicola was shocked when she saw Naomi’s gold shoes and realized they matched the shoes from her terrible gang ordeal when Naomi entered Nicola’s café to begin her new employment.

Additionally, she insisted that she recognized her own voice from the assault and started crying at dramatic passages.

Fans, however, are split; some feel Naomi will eventually be held accountable for her acts, while others claim the accusation is false.

Nicola is not perplexed. Naomi was definitely there #Emmerdale,” stated one viewer.

Another concurred, stating, “I completely trust Nicola. Naomi’s response sums up #Emmerdale perfectly. A third person then said: “I believe Naomi attacked Nicola.”

But just as many followers defended Naomi, claiming that the coincidence of the shoes was insufficient evidence to hold her responsible.

Naomi claimed to have purchased the shoes online. They might just be a well-known brand,” one supporter speculated. Naomi is a b*tch, but anyone can wear the same sneakers, a second affirmed.

After refusing to voluntarily accompany the police to the station for questioning, Naomi was later seen being arrested in several scenarios.

Charles, Naomi’s father, threatens to approach Nicola after she is let go without being charged, accusing her of racism.

However, Amelia’s 16th birthday celebrations were wrecked when Noah made the decision to end their relationship on Wednesday night’s trip to the Dales.

The teen eagerly dressed up to meet her new lover and left her father, Kerry Wyatt, and Harriet Finch, who were there to help her celebrate turning 18.

But when Noah revealed to Amelia that they couldn’t be together because she was carrying someone else’s child, everything came to a heartbreaking conclusion.

Unbeknownst to Amelia, her father Dan warned Noah to stay away from his daughter during their conversation.

Naomi finally acknowledges that she was present during the incident after pleading with him not to leave.

Oh Naomi, she did it. One viewer responded with “#Emmerdale.”

Another person added: “I don’t think Manpreet thought Naomi was innocent, therefore it’s fortunate that she revealed to Charles that she was there when Nicola got attacked. What, though, will Charles do? #Emmerdale.”

Another person commented, “Bet the producers thought it’d be a stunning twist by having Naomi admit to Charles that she was involved two months after Nicola’s attack while viewers are undoubtedly thinking “how fu**ing obvious was that? “,” and a third agreed.

Harriet is horrified when Dan tries to kiss her out of the blue in another scene. Harriett hesitantly answers a call and rushes out the door after realizing Dan likes her. Dan feels terrible about himself.

A terrible attempt at meditation by Charity and Mack results in them quitting while giggling.

Charity fears that they haven’t been intimate since they lost the baby as they begin to kiss.

Mack seizes the chance to mention that he wants to try for another child.

Mack storms off after Charity leaves and goes into town for a drink before being caught cheating on Charity with an unknown woman.

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