Emmerdale viewers left reeling at soap’s continuity errors

Following Tuesday night’s episode of Emmerdale, viewers were left perplexed as a number of continuity mistakes left them unsure of what was happening. But was the commotion justified?

The village saw a surprise snowstorm in the soap opera episode from April 11. Caleb and Kim completed the details for the stud farm they intend to buy jointly as the snow began to fall.

Marlon sought to reason with Rhona in the meantime. She was torn between giving Gus, her ex-husband, access to one of her embryos for his new wife or not.

Emmerdale experienced a blizzard in mid-April.

However, after the episode was broadcast, viewers picked up on a strange inconsistency between sequences.

While the village appeared to be normal in other pictures, at times it appeared to be snowing or to be blanketed in snow.

While others commented on how odd it seemed that snow was falling so quickly and thickly in the middle of April. The reason for this, though, is that Emmerdale is typically filmed five weeks in advance.

As a result, a lot of the images from Tuesday night would have been shot in March when the UK was plagued by snow and ice.

viewers criticize the continuity issues in soaps

Fans of the serial took to social media as the episode aired to discuss the unusual weather Emmerdale was experiencing. Some people were particularly irritated by the scenes’ discontinuity.

One irate viewer exclaimed, “Snow, no snow, snow, no snow, WTF are the continuity people doing on Emmerdale?”

“So, one moment we have a lot of snow, the next we have none! Emmerdale, hurry up and finish the filming! Another person replied, “This just gets worse and worse.

Due to UK snowstorms, the Emmerdale set was shut down.

The Emmerdale set was shut down while snow fell in the UK, it was announced last month. This occurred amid worries about the show’s crew and set’s security.

Business as usual was swiftly resumed, however due to Emmerdale’s weeks-ahead production schedule, these scenes are being broadcast this week.

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