Emmerdale viewers hope Mandy ‘reunites’ with ex-partner

Viewers of Emmerdale are hoping that Mandy and Paddy will resume their relationship.

Despite having an on-off relationship throughout the 1990s, the couple were married around the conclusion of the decade. They peacefully parted ways when work and family obligations came in the way, but they made a commitment to stay friends that they have kept for decades.

Paddy has recently struggled with depression, and the town has had to step in to console him. Mandy has made sure that everyone contributes to aiding Paddy in overcoming his issues, and in tonight’s episode, she coerced Vinny into joining him for a guys night so he won’t feel alone.

Some viewers have hope that she would help Paddy have a better future because of her compassionate nature. One viewer expressed the following wish for a Paddy and Mandy reunion: “I really want a Paddy and Mandy reunion.”

I want Paddy and Mandy now, please, said another. A third emoji, next to a wounded heart, read: “Paddy opening up to Mandy…” The last viewer pleaded with Paddy to break up with his most recent lover, saying, “Say NO to Chas & Paddy, reunite Mandy & Paddy.”

After learning that Chas was cheating on him and intended to leave with her suitor to start a new life, Paddy’s misery started. Paddy was incensed when the information was revealed, but the rage compelled him to isolate himself and avoid social interactions.

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