Emmerdale viewers have ‘had enough’ as they switch off Liv storyline

After tonight’s dramatic ending, Emmerdale viewers are glad to finally see the “Scamdra” plot come to an end. In yesterday’s episode, Vinny made an unsuccessful attempt to take down Sandra before being sent packing by Liv, who had sided with her mother.

But in tonight’s episode, it became clear that Liv had planned all of this herself in order to trick Sandra into showing her true colors. Liv admitted that she had more money than she had previously indicated after pretending to become wasted on alcohol.

Sandra’s curiosity peaked, so she slyly used Liv’s phone to access her bank account so she could steal the money.

But at that very moment, Liv admitted that she had simply been consuming water while Sandra was acting in full view of her.

She immediately dialed 911, but Sandra smashed the empty vodka bottle against the policeman’s shoulder and fled before they could take her into custody. She was eventually apprehended, though, after being rugby tackled by Mandy, who was desperate to see Sandra brought to justice.

Emmerdale viewers are relieved to see Sandra and the plotline go after all the upheaval. Hope that’s the last we see of Sandra, the mother from hell, tweeted @teenamassam.

“#Emmerdale thank god the writers haven’t let the Scamdra narrative run on for too long,” said @PhilJenkinPhil.

Godspeed, Liv and her baggy trousers. @TheMandyHayes tweeted: “Glad they didn’t drag this Sandra plot on & on. Sandra, you filthy animal, cya.

@JeaniethePixie said: “So glad Liv has seen through evil Sandra.” @JamesDawson911 said: “#Emmerdale wish they’d hurry up and end this sandra daughter narrative as its so f*n boring that’s even if she is her mother.”

Feel the need to turn off #Emmerdale tonight, according to @tina0402x. Liv’s mother is simply excessive.

I’m tired of this, #Emmerdale, said @katemackay55. Sandra is controlling Liv, Kerry the killer is controlling Amelia, and Harriet is controlling Will. The writers ought to be fired because their writing is terrible. And I’m getting ready to change.”

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