Emmerdale viewers furious with Caleb as Kyle tells police he killed Al

After Kyle Wincester was detained in connection with the murder of Al Chapman, some Emmerdale residents weren’t as happy on New Year’s Eve.

Caleb tried to stop Kyle, 11, from telling the police that he had shot Al, but Kyle insisted. After showing up at the station with a jumper that had blood on it yesterday (Friday), the police detained him, but he was later freed on bail while they conducted their investigation.

Mom is worried Amy broke down in tears, fearing that Kyle would be removed from her after the confession. Cain, who had admitted to killing Al, was furious when Moira visited him in jail and said that Kyle had admitted to the crime.

Moira also disclosed that Caleb had suggested a lawyer and had sworn he had nothing to do with it. Cain informed her, “They have nothing, okay. so we don’t freak out. We’ll explain to them that Kyle is only giving us his word and that he lied to shield his father.

All of the viewers agreed that Caleb appeared to be “involved in everyone’s business” as a result. “Caleb is becoming a bit busy in everyone’s business#emmerdale,” tweeted Twitter user @Picky737.

“Nice going, Caleb,” tweeted @Bradleycoombes7. When you arrive, you #emmerdale wreck the Dingle family. Can’t stand Caleb, remarked @MeeshyJay. He has only been there for five minutes, but already he is stirring up practically every scene on Emmerdale.

Caleb only met the Dingles a few days ago, but now he’s entering and exiting homes and acting like the family’s head, and everyone just accepts it without question, according to @ch3zkm. Evidently just regular life in Emmerdale.

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