Emmerdale viewers fume over ITV advert break as they spot on set blunder

Fans of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale were unimpressed when they tuned in on Friday night.

Five minutes into the most recent episode of the beloved program, an advertisement break began.

The soap opera airs on Fridays from 7:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. for 30 minutes, however many complained that the first five minutes do not constitute a half.

One user tweeted: “Why is there advertising after five minutes #Emmerdale.”

Added another: “A third person added: “#Emmerdale ad breaks after 5 mins again.” That first half was quite brief.”

“Only been on 5 minutes and an ad already! #Emmerdale,” another remarked. “That was all of 5 mins for part one #Emmerdale.”

Dawn Taylor was seen becoming anxious when she realized her late friend’s daughter had fled the house before the show cut to an early commercial break.

When Harriet overheard Dawn telling Dawn that Clemmie’s mother Beth had passed away, the young girl made the decision to depart.

Dawn and Harriet hurriedly went into the living room and then outside when they heard the door crash, but Clemmie was nowhere to be found.

The fact that a tiny child could have run that rapidly and not been seen baffled Emmerdale watchers.

One user posted the following on Twitter: “#Emmerdale She couldn’t possibly have traveled that far in only a few seconds. Dawn ought to have immediately called social services. bloody moron”

I didn’t know Clemmie was an Olympic sprinter, #emmerdale, said another.

Another person laughed and said, “Holy sh*t, Clemmie can teleport.”

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