Emmerdale viewers frustrated with Will’s ‘ridiculous’ rant

The negative character growth of Will has infuriated Emmerdale viewers.

In tonight’s episode, Will sprang into action to chastise Sam for leaving one of the barn gates open. He claimed to be worried about the increase of poachers in the area but soon lost control and lashed out at Sam in front of everyone.

He stated: “Although you can close a gate, I know you’ve been clapped! You stupid pimp, when there’s a strong breeze, your head has to whistle!”

Will insisted despite other obligations calling for priority that every gate on the farm be double-checked. Sam continued to apologize, but Will proceeded to berate her, saying, “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay well out of my way today.” Sam was then confronted with even more vitriol.

As Will’s character has developed into a fiery handful in the hamlet, viewers are growing weary of his exaggerated dramatics. Will has now turned ludicrous, according to an Emmerdale fan. one more said: “Will believes he is someone. Sam and Billy are under the impression that he is someone because he married Kim and is bossing them about.”

A third responded, “I didn’t like him that much anyway, but he’s unbearable now. “What is wrong with Will, he’s been acting like a real a*** lately,” was the final comment.

Once one of the horses galloped across the village, Will proceeded to berate Sam for his carefree attitude during the entire event.

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