Emmerdale viewers distracted by ‘dodgy photoshop’ error

After what many referred to as a “poor photoshop,” Emmerdale viewers were left unsatisfied during Monday’s program.

The first visit to the Dales this week helped to narrow down Suzy’s mystery. The actor who played the part, Martelle Edinborough, collaborated with Belle Dingle to deliver the presentation at the HOP.

Many villagers attended the celebration since it offered free beverages, including Moira Barton, who appeared to be having fun.

That is, until a slideshow with a picture of her deceased daughter started to play.

Unbeknownst to Moira, Suzy had given Holly Barton money to purchase the drugs that had resulted in her tragic overdose while Holly was photographing a wedding the night before she passed away.

When Moira saw the picture, she screamed. She questioned Suzy, who was mute, “Why have you got a picture of my daughter?” But several at home were preoccupied while the drama played out.

Many others believed Holly’s visage had been poorly forced into the picture. A Meena Jutla fan account posted on Twitter that it was “obsessed with with the photoshop of Holly [cry-laughing emoji]”.

Eli observed, “The dreadful photoshop of that,” Lily said, “Great photoshop job there Emmerdale,” and Jess asked, “Did Leyla put that shady photoshop picture in?”

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