Emmerdale viewers distracted as they notice Moira’s awkward wardrobe gaffe on ITV soap

Fans of Emmerdale have noticed a recurrent problem with farm owner Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb).

The current ITV soap opera episode began with Moira discussing her boyfriend Cain Dingle’s (Jeff Hordley) mother Faith Dingle’s (Sally Dexter) decision to quit receiving chemotherapy.

The one-hour episode that aired on Thursday, July 7, caught everyone’s attention when Moira approached Cain in the field.

“Oh Moira in the cleanest work overalls ever on a working farm but when was the last time we saw her get her hands dirty,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

A different person commented, “Moira has the cleanest overalls of any farmer I’ve ever seen. They’re usually immaculate.”

“Cleanest overalls I’ve ever seen on a farm #Moira,” read a third person’s post.

It happens after fans made fun of an ITV star’s message on social media before the most recent program aired.

Before Wednesday’s (July 6) broadcast aired across the nation, a voiceover announcement was made.

“Emmerdale next with scenes some viewers may find unpleasant,” the announcer stated.

The soap opera’s audience responded on Twitter after hearing the pre-show warning.

One supporter wrote on Twitter: “scenes that viewers may find distressing Not every episode is like that.”

We’ve got the disturbing scenes back; that break didn’t last very long, did it? another person commented.

Another user tweeted: #Emmerdale Itv London announcer has been like that for a few weeks.

A fourth person on social media wrote: “ffs more heartbreaking scenes.”

After meeting her adoptive father Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) earlier this week, Naomi (Karene Peter) appeared elsewhere in the community.

Fans learned in October of last year that Charles had a second child in addition to Ethan Anderson (Emile John).

After Charles and his wife Esme divorced, Naomi was born.

While Esme was experiencing postpartum depression, Charles had an affair with her not long after Ethan was born.

When the vicar made the decision to look for his daughter, he ended up in the bar where Naomi was employed.

Charles intervened to push the man as her supervisor attempted to stop her from leaving.

He commanded, “Keep away from my daughter.”

Fans will have to wait to see how the father-daughter relationship progresses over the coming weeks.

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