Emmerdale viewers ‘despise’ blackmail plot twist

In spite of being confronted on Friday’s episode of Emmerdale, Sandra managed to get away with blackmailing Rishi, which infuriated the audience.

Sandra has been entangling herself with an emotionally battered Rishi for the past few weeks. She had previously catfished him using a bogus dating profile, stood him up, then swooped in to “consolate” him.

She had an affair with him that night, and ever then, she has been extorting money out of his bank account by threatening him with it. Mandy suspected Rishi was having problems, and she recently caught Sandra stealing money on CCTV.

Rishi had been acting recently deflated, and Mandy noticed this and pieced together the two cases.

Mandy raced out to find out what happened to the recording, but Sandra took it in stride and played the victim.

Viewers were furious with the startling turn of events and thought Sandra would eventually pay the price. Absolutely despise Sandra, a viewer remarked.

Another person said: “I feel so bad for Sandra playing him like this. She really has no morals at all.”

Sandra is such a disgusting human being, a third viewer remarked.

“Can Sandra not open her mouth without spewing lies,” was the final remark made.

Vinny, Mandy’s son, revealed that since the video only remains on the camera for 48 hours, the evidence had been completely erased.

Mandy knew the truth, but she was so frustrated by what had happened that she gave up and buried her head in her hands.

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