Emmerdale viewers demand character exit after dramatic scenes

After Naomi’s turbulent time in the village, Emmerdale viewers pleaded for her character to be killed off.

Naomi was recently revealed to have been involved in the terrifying attack that Nicola suffered. She was with the gang of girls who hurt her, even though she didn’t harm her directly, and she kept quiet throughout.

Since the situation became known, Nicola has had a lot of difficulty and has frequently lost it. She was left alone with Naomi in tonight’s episode, which caused her to have a panic attack and spiral emotionally.

Eventually, Nicola broke down in tears and had to phone her friends for comfort.

After Naomi departed, she struggled to rise up as she wondered why her PTSD had gotten worse.

In addition to other allegations of violence and intimidation, Naomi has been the subject of numerous altercations. She has been trouble for the other villagers ever since she learned that Charles is her father, and she has been called a “problem child.”

After tonight’s dramatic scenes, Emmerdale viewers want the troublemaker permanently removed because they’ve had enough of her. Because she was a member of the awful gang that attacked Nicola in the parking lot, a spectator remarked: “Apparently the nasty Naomi might be gone before too long.”

Naomi needs to leave tonight, regardless of whether she runs away or ends up in jail, another viewer chimed in, adding, “Pack your bags Naomi! Nobody wants you here.”

Naomi’s own father was recently discovered unconscious in the chapel, and she was immediately accused of injuring him. Naomi immediately placed the blame on the adolescent when Manpreet discovered her at the scene, but it was later discovered that he had fallen and struck his head on a toolbox.

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