Emmerdale viewers concerned over Eve’s appearance after real age confirmed

After seeing Chas Dingle conversing with her babbling daughter Eve, Emmerdale fans were left perplexed.

Viewers observed the brunette beauty on Wednesday’s trip to the Dales as she lied to her three-year-old daughter Eve about her wild night of passion in an effort to hide their affair from the community.

However, curious onlookers were compelled to post their astonishment online when they noticed the young child was mute despite walking and talking only a few days previously.

The devoted mother of a three-year-old girl, whose actual age was just revealed on the ITV show, revealed her cover story at the Woolpack while the child was peacefully seated in a stroller.

So last night was a little bit of an adventure, wasn’t it? she lied. Imagine if the car broke down on us. But didn’t we have a good time last night? We are the only two on our expedition.

Right, let’s try out the swings before we pop that bubble, huh? she suggested.

Before treating the youngster to a wonderful day at the park, her child could be heard babbling away in the background.

The TV mistake was quickly noticed by viewers, who flocked to Twitter to express their surprise.

“Eve was a three-year-old roaming around last week, now she’s back in a pushchair spouting baby gibberish,” one person wrote in the comments section of Emmerdale.

Another person commented, “I’d be worried about Eve, a 3-year-old youngster in #Emmerdale, as she sounds like a newborn and remains still in a pushchair!

“My 2-year-old, 3-month-old granddaughter wouldn’t stay in the stroller while speaking well.

A third person added: “”What age should be attending Chas and Paddy’s Eve? I’m assuming a minimum of two. Why then do they give her newborn sound effects?

Baby monitors are unnecessary for children that age; a loud ‘MUMMMMMYYYYY!’ usually suffices. #emmerdale.”

“Eve was drawing pictures last week while sitting up in a chair and was roughly three years old. She has since gone back to sounding like an 8-month-old baby. Make a decision regarding #emmerdale, a user echoed.

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