Emmerdale viewers call out unrealistic new role for Noah

After a few weeks of prison training, Noah Dingle claimed to be an electrician, which Emmerdale viewers called into question.

After being freed from prison, Noah had to walk on eggshells because the other villagers wouldn’t approach him. The disturbed teen has been seeking for a job to keep himself out of trouble while doing his best not to upset anyone.

Despite his best efforts to turn a fresh leaf, he said, “no one wants to hire an ex-con.” Noah stated he was capable of a job as a “spark” after training as an electrician in prison, where he presently works part-time.

Fans quickly criticized his new self-imposed qualifications in response to his modest claim, which didn’t go over well with them. Viewers argued that he didn’t have the right to declare himself an electrician only because he received training in prison.

You don’t become a licensed electrician in the six weeks that Noah was incarcerated, a viewer remarked.

After a brief training, Noah apparently believes himself to be an electrician, said another.

Another viewer added: “Those prisons on Emmerdale are good. In 4 weeks, I’ll teach you how to be an electrician.”

“So can you train as an electrician during a couple of months in prison?” came the last remark.

After being told he was blessed to have his bar job, Noah later said he wanted to work as an electrician in the Woolpack. However, this was promptly shot down.

The young man walked out with his head down after Mackenzie Boyd admonished him and advised him to get to work instead of daydreaming about being a “spark.”

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