Emmerdale viewers blast Liv Flaherty storyline as mum makes a surprise visit

Sandra Flaherty appeared once again in the most recent Emmerdale episode. Sandra Flaherty is the mother of Liv Flaherty, who left her in May 2021 due to Sandra’s history of drinking issues.

Liv and her mother reunited at a caravan park in Wales where they drank and got wasted when Sandra’s drinking issues reappeared.

Sandra became anxious when Liv had a seizure after a two-week stay.

Liv urged Aaron to take her back to Emmerdale after he found her and informed Sandra that she has epilepsy, realizing she could not care for her daughter.

Fans criticized Sandra’s character on social media during the episode, which centered on Liv and Sandra’s reunion, arguing that she is only out for the money.

The plot was also described as “standard” and “boring” by other viewers.

Social media users attacked Sandra, claiming that she doesn’t care for Liv and is only want money.

She needs a somewhere to stay, and I notice her looking the apartment up, according to Deanobeanos.

JordanPhelps21, a different Twitter user, said: “Stupid Sandra! You’re not concerned about Liv!”

“Yes, Sandra, you are the mother and you were the mother when she was a child and the last time she turned to you.

The only thing that mattered to you back then was using her and making Liv worse, “another user was added.

Following Sandra’s admission to Liv later in the episode that she was looking for help with her drinking, Liv initially informed her mother she couldn’t help but was quickly persuaded by offering her ten pounds to go get some food.

Sandra was discovered in the cemetery where she had damaged a grave by tripping into some bushes.

Liv gave her mother the option to stay after a brief nap on the couch because she realized she needed assistance.

Some viewers, however, were able to see right through the character and the novel plot.

On Twitter, someone wrote: “Perhaps it’s my age I could tell the moment Sandra appeared that she was chasing Liv’s money since these soap operas are so predictable. Zzzz”

What are you doing, Sandra? inquired RyanGSoapKing11.

Tweeted 1stLadyHooligan: “I was aware that Sandra’s “drunken” stumble at the exact moment that Liv and Gabi could see her was too handy.

Sandra is thus pursuing money.

I’m hoping Liv realizes her mother is taking advantage of her right away.”

In order to make a suspicious phone call before Vinny, Liv’s husband, left the house, Sandra had to wait until the episode’s conclusion.

Vinny was still present in the house when Sandra was overheard saying: “You’ll get your money shortly.” He hid behind her to listen in.

Sandry is so operating cunningly and taking dubious phone calls. Will Liv be secure now that her mother is back in the picture?

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