Emmerdale viewers beg for justice for Frank as they slam Kerry

As they criticize Kerry Wyatt, Emmerdale viewers scream for Frank Clayton’s justice.

Because of Noah’s criminal past, Kerry has been attempting to separate Amelia and Noah. She wants Noah out of her life.

Fans have criticized Kerry, claiming that she was to blame for Frank’s demise.

Emmerdale: Kerry tries to break up Noah and Amelia

Amelia Spencer, who is currently expecting, rekindled her romance with Noah Dingle.

Samson Dingle’s baby is in Amelia’s womb, but he has made it clear that he wants nothing to do with it.

When Noah was released from prison and learned that Amelia was expecting a child, he made the decision that he wanted to be there for both her and the child.

Noah was instructed to break up with Amelia by her father Dan once he learned of their relationship.

Of course, Amelia found out what her dad had done after Noah ended their relationship.

Amelia and Noah quickly reconciled.

As he pursued and tormented Chloe Harris this week, Kerry informed Noah about a job possibility in Lanzarote, but Noah and Amelia could see she was trying to get rid of him.

Amelia would accompany Noah, therefore Noah agreed to accept the position. Kerry wrecked the chance when she learned of it.

Viewers beg for justice for Frank as they slam Kerry

Fans are now outraged with Kerry because they claim that she and her daughter Amy set the fire that killed Frank Clayton but went unpunished by the police.

They also urged that Frank receive justice and that Kerry be punished for her misdeeds.

What did Amy and Kerry do to Frank?

The Sharma & Sharma candy factory previously occupied the space where The Hide is now in Emmerdale.

Amy requested they return the charity money Kerry had taken from the office safe at the candy factory in order to support her.

In an effort to avoid detection, Kerry and Amy destroyed the CCTV system, but this also caused a fire.

On that particular day, Frank was in the premises to collect his stuff after being sacked from the firm.

But when he learned that Tracy, his daughter, was confined, he made an effort to rescue her.

Both of them exited the building, but Frank was still inside when an explosion occurred.

The force of the explosion caused him to be flung into a van where he was killed. He allegedly sparked the fire as payback for Jai firing him, according to police.

Vanessa and Tracy, however, are Frank’s daughters, and they are aware that Kerry and Amy set the fire.

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