Emmerdale viewers baffled as credits play out before ITV soap triple bill special ends

Fans of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale were left completely perplexed when, only 30 minutes into its big triple bill, the credits rolled.

Fans were given to an additional dish of both Coronation Street and the Yorkshire program on Thursday when watchers caught up on the suspenseful soaps during the trip to the Dales.

It follows the passing of Queen Elizabeth II last Thursday (September 8), which caused the TV schedule to be altered in her honor.

ITV executives are now showing 90 minutes of the venerable program to make up for the lost shows from last week.

For the much-needed fix of soap fans, Coronation Street will also air an hour-long episode on the main channel.

Even though there was still an hour of Emmerdale remaining to air, fans were left perplexed as the credits rolled at 7.55 p.m., and viewers flocked to Twitter to vent their anger.

One commenter wrote: “#Emmerdale If we are watching the same program for an additional 1.5 hours, what use are closing credits? I’m #Emmerdale at http://ConFused.com.

“Why didn’t it just go on instead of ending it then putting it back on ffs #Emmerdale,” a another person commented.

“Wtf was the point of them credits #Emmerdale,” chimed in a third, as a fourth cautioned, “Don’t go away, there’s another two to go.”

While another user remarked, “Utter nonsense and we still have two episodes left,” another user echoed, “Why in the almighty f*** are there 3 #Emmerdale episodes.”

After Her Royal Highness passed away, ITV canceled its customary hour-long special, forcing the network’s executives to split a double bill a few days later.

Although producers showed it with this week’s double bill between 7:30 and 8 tonight evening, viewers were still one episode behind.

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