Emmerdale viewers applaud Aaron’s ‘no nonsense’ takedown despite crying again

Despite his customary tears, Emmerdale viewers praised Aaron’s “no-nonsense” diss of unfaithful Chas.

After learning of her relationship with Al, Aaron scolded his mother and gave her a “it’s me or him” choice. For Emmerdale viewers who had grown frustrated with Chas’s self-centered and cowardly actions, it was a cathartic scene.

Aaron telling Chas everything that the country has been screaming at their TV screens for weeks, Jess tweeted.

As Andy Lancelot said: “Very well put, Aaron! She has recently begun getting right up in my t*ts.”

remarked Artful Dodger: “Aaron was by far the finest in this episode. Good work.”

Aaron, who is prone to a few tears under pressure, fed into a running joke among Emmerdale fans.

Comment from Lulu1965: “For the following four episodes, I’m going to keep track of how many times Aaron sobs or becomes emotional. All hypotheses are welcome. I’ll begin with five.”

“He’s welling up again,” Alan G tweeted.

Earlier in the program, Kerry’s weird proposal ‘rap’ to Al made the audience cringe.

Ryland Collins “If Kerry Wyatt attempted to propose to me by singing a dance rap and performing the robot, I would depart the nation. Oh my God, Laura should feel awful for doing that.”

The spectators are currently squirming at Kerry’s rap proposal, according to Matthew Chapman.

Love Faith’s look as she watches killer Kerry slay that rap, Chris P.

“Not the first thing Kerry’s slaughtered,” @i8venkys responded.

Yet someone appeared to enjoy it.

I’ll marry you, Kerry, only for those wicked moves and rhymes, tweeted @sofaneilas.

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