Emmerdale viewers accuse ITV soap of being ‘obsessed with drugs’ as well as alcohol

Viewers of Emmerdale have claimed that the ITV soap is currently “obsessed” with drugs and booze.

The show’s episode from last Thursday included scenes of Dawn’s pal Jade high on drugs as well as discussion of Leyla’s cocaine addiction.

Leyla’s story has been developing for several weeks and appears to be about to come to a head when David finds her using coke.

As Beth passed away from an overdose, Dawn made the choice to attend her funeral.

But when her friend Jade extended an invitation to return to her apartment, she grew anxious at the notion of temptation.

Later, as Jade dozed out on the sofa, Dawn realized she was under the influence.

The moments on Thursday night didn’t exactly wow Emmerdale viewers, who commented on Twitter.

One user commented, “Stop with the drug taking scenes for goodness sake #Emmerdale.”

Is there anyone in #emmerdale who is not using drugs or alcohol?

Another user tweeted: “This program is genuinely addicted to drugs! Oh, and consume. any additional addiction. #Emmerdale is very dull right now.”

Moreover, a fourth viewer wrote: “Although I have no problem with stories about addiction, I’m not sure how entertaining #Emmerdale would be if you don’t like them. constant allusions to drugs and booze”

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