Emmerdale twist shock as proof Meena Jutla is a serial killer is discovered

After Meena Jutla was caught on camera attempting to murder Victoria Sugden, EMMERDALE revealed a shocking twist.

In this week’s thrilling episodes, the killer nurse – who is played by actress Paige Sandhu in the ITV soap – failed to kill her love rival but did claim the life of Andrea Tate.

However, one of the Go Pro cameras captured Meena’s attempt to drown Victoria in tonight’s show.

Unfortunately, no one watched the tape, but it is still there to be discovered one day.

“There you are,” Billy said earlier, pointing to the camera he had discovered.

“Take a look at what we found up at the river,” he said, pointing to the Go Pro camera.

As the news of Andrea’s death began to sink in, Billy hung on to the Go Pro, but Ellis and Ben ignored it.

Later, Ben went through the footage from the cameras, but was pulled aside to speak with the cops.

The camera continued to play after he left, and it caught a clear view of Meena’s attempted murder of Victoria.

Meanwhile, Meena lied to the police and her sister, claiming she had no knowledge of the incident.

As the quiet footage played on, she stated, “I suppose the worst thing is not knowing.”

“All of those questions that will keep us up at night thinking what we could have done better.

We can’t allow it take over our lives. We can’t undo what happened, but it will get easier with time – it has to. since the truth may never be known.”

Fans, on the other hand, are certain that whoever discovers the tape will become Meena’s next victim.

One person wrote: “The CCTV footage is incredible. Perhaps Meena isn’t quite as safe as she believes!”

“So there’s proof,” a second added, “but no one will see it for another 5 years!”

“That camera footage is going to be Meena’s doom…. unless of course she gets to it first and commits another murder!” said another.

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