Emmerdale twist as Naomi confesses involvement in Nicola’s attack after cruel lie

Before Naomi Walters arrived in the community, Emmerdale revealed the truth about her past and her involvement in a previous event.

Only recently did Naomi make her acting debut after being located by her father Charles Anderson.

But it turns out that before going herself, she already knew one other villager.

A group of adolescent girls attacked Nicola King earlier this year, leaving her wounded on the ground in a parking lot.

Nicola has been greatly affected by the incident and is now dealing with mental health issues, but she is still motivated to pursue justice.

In the most recent ITV soap opera episode, Nicola encountered Naomi and knew she had known her previously.

Nicola started having flashbacks of her attack, and when she recognized Naomi’s shoes and voice, she panicked and started crying.

Naomi was questioned by Nicola about this, but she pretended not to know anything and referred to Nicola as “crazy” and that she didn’t know what she was talking about.

After a brief altercation with her new flame Nate Robinson, Naomi stormed off and made it plain she was keeping something from Charles.

After after, the new character was spotted attempting to pack her things and depart while claiming to be innocent but was stopped by the police who wanted to question her.

Naomi continued to deny it but refused to comply, which led to her being detained since Nicola insisted that Naomi was there on that particular day.

Charles was upset with Nicola and her husband Jimmy after she was released, accusing them of being racist for calling the police.

He was embarrassed, though, when his daughter confessed after he had pledged to fight the couple once more.

She begged him to stop and then exclaimed: “I was present. I had been there that day.”

She felt upset and fled as Charles questioned why she would hurt Nicola and tell him the truth.

Will the girls involved be prosecuted now that Naomi has revealed the truth?

@greasley vicky the hashtag “#emmerdale” Naomi is a wooden, implausible character—please get rid of her, and while you’re at it, hire some fresh screenwriters. Enough with this nonsense.

Fantastic, lock Naomi up right now, but don’t forget to throw away the key, like @Pilch1972 wrote. #Emmerdale.” The sooner Naomi gets written out of this the better – she is a terrible character, tweeted @niallhoran. Embarrassing and unlikable #emmerdale

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