Emmerdale tragedy confirmed and 8 more big soap moments airing this week

1. Emmerdale: Charity and Mack lose their baby

Mackenzie is enjoying making a fuss over Charity because he has just recently come to terms with her unexpected pregnancy. He is moved when Moira assures him he’ll make a wonderful father. But when Charity starts having stomach issues, tragedy strikes just as the couple starts to anticipate their future.

Later, when Mack gets to Jacob’s Fold, he discovers his lover on the ground and transports her to the hospital. Mack puts on a brave front while Charity goes through a battery of tests, but unhappily, their worst fears are realized when the doctor says Charity’s pregnancy is ectopic and consequently not viable.

Charity and Mack are left alone to consider what must happen next after being horrified by the shocking news, during which they hear the heartbeat of the baby they are about to lose.

After that, an emotionally spent Charity is grateful for Mack’s fortitude and assistance, but it quickly becomes apparent that he is having trouble dealing with their tragic loss.

2. Coronation Street: Zeedan and Alya stand by Stu

Zeedan believes Stu was the victim of an injustice because he is still in jail after being arrested last week. Zeedan wants Craig to look into the matter further after learning from him that the detective who accused Stu of murder accepted an early retirement for an erroneous justification.

Yasmeen, who has been ignoring Stu’s requests to listen to him, is terrified to find that he might be released in a matter of days. Roy visits Speed Daal later and discovers her having a panic attack and gasping for air. Roy aids in his friend’s calming down.

Zeedan visits Stu in jail and offers to assist establish that he was falsely accused. He calls the lawyer’s office and asks Adam to get Stu’s old case files, but Yasmeen is outraged when she learns what her grandson has done.

Unfazed, Zeedan meets up with Adam in Victoria Gardens and discovers that accessing the documents will cost him £1,200.

Zeedan, who is aware that he is the former veteran’s only hope, is able to persuade Alya to split the legal bills, and he gives Adam the money after assuring him they want to view Stu’s papers.

3. EastEnders: Sam plots a deadly revenge on Lewis

Phil goes in search of Keeble and insists that she bring Lewis to justice as delicate Ben is released from the hospital to complete his treatment at home. Sam makes the decision to leave Walford after failing to persuade Kat to give her another chance.

Kat consents to give Sam the safe code to get her passport on the condition that she doesn’t touch anything else, happy to finally be rid of her.

Sam takes Phil’s revolver from the safe with the intention of using it on her nephew’s rapist, but when Zack unexpectedly rings to announce he has found Lewis, Sam does so.

Later, Sam surprises Phil by revealing that she has Lewis bound in the trunk of the car and in possession of his gun. Sam informs Phil that it is time for vengeance because she is determined to make Lewis suffer and establish herself as a Mitchell.

Phil eventually follows Sam to a vacant warehouse, despite his initial reluctance. Will Lewis be eliminated?

4. Hollyoaks: Sienna and Warren’s feud reaches a climax

When Warren orders a hit on Sienna, her life may be in danger, but Ste unintentionally saves her.

Sienna eventually realizes Warren must be drugging her after meeting Damon, but she chooses to keep playing happy families rather than confronting him.

Norma sends a picture of Sienna to her hired hitman, the embalmer, as she waits her turn. But as Sienna leaves the grid, the embalmer accidentally shoots Liberty. After letting the murderer into her apartment, Liberty has a horrific turn of events when she unintentionally poisons the murderer with a cup of tea.

Warren has second thoughts about killing Sienna at the eleventh hour, but they realize someone else is in danger when he discovers her unhurt in the hamlet.

The adversaries ultimately engage in a titanic confrontation, but are taken aback when Norma suggests that they cooperate.

After deciding she wants to leave the criminal underworld, Sienna sets out to find the driver of the car that hit Warren. Nothing can, however, prepare her for the moment the horrifying truth is at last revealed.

5. Emmerdale: Naomi is arrested for attacking Charles

Naomi shows up at the church and tells her dad she’s willing to talk things out after Ethan begs her to give Charles another chance. The two are unable to settle their differences amicably, and as Manpreet hears argumentation coming from the church, she sees a furious and distraught Naomi leave the structure.

Manpreet enters to investigate and is startled to discover the vicar unresponsive. He then calls for an ambulance.

After the paramedics arrive on the scene a short while later, Naomi re-enters and demands to know if Charles is okay.

Manpreet orders Naomi out since she believes she is to blame for Charles’s demise, and Harriet detains the child on suspicion of assault. But things might not be what they appear.

6. Coronation Street: Audrey drops a tragic bombshell

Audrey is shocked to see Claudia arrive at the hotel with Charles in tow as she is having afternoon tea with Rita and Ken. Claudia is relieved to see the Weatherfield trio, who are on hand to soothe her after becoming embroiled in a dispute with Charles.

But when Audrey breaks the devastating news that she recently attempted suicide, everyone is startled into silence.

Audrey returns home with renewed vigor and declares she intends to give the salon a thorough makeover with no money spared while her old friends reel. Stephen tells Ken and Rita about his mother’s ambitious ambitions because he believes they are hiding something from him.

Later, when Stephen confronts Audrey, she dismisses him by claiming to have experienced a little health crisis. However, Stephen sees an opportunity to seize the initiative and advises her that this would be an excellent moment to sign the trust fund documents. Stephen is frustrated by Audrey’s insistence that she isn’t rushing.

When Michael mentions that the Underworld website requires upgrading, Stephen has another thought. Additionally, after successfully persuading Sarah that their planned site designer has been embezzling money, cunning Stephen offers to complete the job himself with the aid of Max.

7. EastEnders: Stuart’s behaviour raises concern

Avery’s loved ones are gathered in Albert Square to say their final goodbyes, and emotions are running high. Stuart’s tardy arrival for the funeral does not make Jay happy, and things only become worse when he disrupts the service, upsetting Mitch.

Jay is forced to terminate Stuart after receiving a barrage of complaints about his lack of professionalism.

The following day, as Callum and Vi are still in shock over his dismissal, Stuart returns from his doctor appointment and begins packing away all of his stuff. The two inquire about Stuart’s cancer diagnosis, fearing the worse, but are perplexed when he says he has been given the all-clear.

Stuart finally opens up as Karen tries a different strategy, confessing that he has given Rainie full parenting rights. As they converse, Karen makes the suggestion that Stuart may be experiencing postpartum depression and is able to get Stuart to visit a doctor for assistance.

8. Hollyoaks: Tony exposes Eric

Honour is outraged with Cindy for refusing to apologize to her son after accusing Mason of being a masked intruder.

Verity is cautioned by Eric, the genuine offender, to avoid Cindy because she is on a mission to ruin her. She decides against following his advise and makes a commitment to help her troubled buddy, which infuriates Eric and prompts him to spread more venom online about Cindy. Will Tony realize what’s going on when he enters when he’s in the middle of his tirade?

The Hutchinson family invites Cindy over for lunch the next day in an effort to cheer her up. But when Tony searches through his laptop and discovers a folder filled with pictures of Cindy, Eric has some explaining to do.

Will Tony be credulous enough to believe his brother’s fib when clever Eric claims he has been harboring a tremendous infatuation on Cindy?

9. Home and Away: Tex’s hidden agenda is revealed

Despite Xander’s worries that she is using Tex to avoid her feelings for Cash, Rose’s romance with the newcomer is blossoming. But when Tex snoops around the gym office and takes a picture of Mia and Ari, it appears that Tex has another reason for being in the Bay.

Later, Tex meets up with a bunch of bikers at an industrial warehouse, where he offers them the snap and tells them he’s located the person who stole money from the gang by showing them the picture.

Chloe is ignorant of the impending danger when Tex begins chasing her and learns she is Ari’s stepdaughter, as the Parata family is now under observation.

In another place, Xander is beginning to have doubts about Tex and cautions Rose that he might not be who he seems to be. But all it takes for Tex to calm Rose’s anxiety is a little bit of smooth talking, and their relationship is back on track in no time.

When Tane later discovers the missing image of Mia and Ari on his car, along with a menacing note that claims “Your brother stole our money,” things take a sinister turn. We desire its return. Will he recognize the person pursuing his family?

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