Emmerdale to split two couples after explosive triple bill of episodes?

Following a volatile triple episode run, may Emmerdale split up two couples?

Following scenes that were broadcast tonight (September 15, 2022), it appears that two Emmerdale couples may be having problems.

Liam, Leyla, Charity, and Mackenzie all seem to be in rocky water.

Will these couples get broken apart by Emmerdale?

Mackenzie is dissatisfied after the proposal blunder.

Despite Mackenzie covertly having a one-night stand with an unknown man, the relationship between Mackenzie and Charity seemed to be solid as the final of three episodes got underway.

When Mackenzie dropped by the Woolpack to extend an invitation for lunch, Charity accepted it with a smile.

Mackenzie boasted to Bob that he had a romantic surprise planned for Charity as she vanished out back.

Bob sought to make an educated estimate as to what Mackenzie’s surprise would be.

Bob had the wrong impression after Mackenzie made a hint that it was a large one.

Later, Bob revealed to Charity that Mackenzie intended to pop the question. The news plainly horrified Charity.

She sat down to chat to Mackenzie and confessed her love for him while pleading with him not to propose to her.

When Mackenzie became perplexed, he disclosed his surprise: tickets to Ibiza.

Charity, who was relieved and ecstatic, informed Mackenzie that a vacation is far preferable to a marriage proposal.

Although they are both eager for their vacation, Mackenzie was unimpressed by Charity’s response to the idea of marriage.

Liam is denying the severity of Leyla’s issues.
Liam also got a call from the treatment center informing him of Leyla’s development.

Leyla is doing well, he said when Priya pressed him on the subject.

He disclosed that he and Leyla will receive couples therapy. Liam appeared to believe that Leyla is finally on the road to recovery, despite Priya’s reservations.

Later, Jai warned Liam to be careful because Leyla is an addict who might never fully recover from her addiction.

Liam expressed hope, telling Jai that he will be able to help Leyla overcome her difficulties because he is a doctor.

Leyla needs a lover, not a doctor, Jai informed Liam.

Will Liam give Jai a chance?

Does his misplaced optimism mean that his romance with Leyla is over?

rifts in the partnership

These facts have come to light as both Liam and Mackenzie cheat on their partners or have in the past.

Mack already had a secret villager with whom he had an affair.

Will his transgressions be revealed? Naturally, they will!

In the meantime, Liam plans to kiss Bernice Blackstock in order to cheat on Leyla.

When Leyla comes to the community, what will she do?

Will these couples get broken apart by Emmerdale?

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