Emmerdale to air special episode featuring men only amid powerful mental health storyline

For the first time ever, an episode of Emmerdale will air with an all-male ensemble cast.

Following the revelation that Paddy was considering suicide, Marlon will organize a late-night lock-in at the Woolpack with the single goal of starting a conversation among the men.

After returning Paddy home safely, Marlon is eager to do whatever he can to aid in his friend’s recovery. The well-known character uses the pub as a setting to persuade some of the locals to confide in him.

Marlon, Liam (Jonny McPherson), Nate (Jurell Carter), Jimmy (Nick Miles), Bob (Tony Audenshaw), Charles (Kevin Mathurin), Sam (James Hooton), and Cain are among the characters who appear in the episode, which will air on March 10. (Jeff Hordley).

Producer Laura Shaw commented on the next episode, saying, “When we started on this terrible subject about Paddy’s depression and attempted suicide, we knew we wanted to shed a light on how crucial it is to just communicate.

“We decided to have some of the men in our village come together for a very special episode which completely focuses on them and sees them talking about whatever they are feeling or thinking, inspired by listening to actual stories from the charity Andy’s Man Club.

We will be grateful if witnessing some of our favorite characters communicate openly with one another inspires them to do the same.

Actor Mark elaborated on Marlon’s concept, saying: “Despite Paddy being at home and secure in the center of the village, Marlon is having a hard time connecting with him and is concerned Paddy may never find the bravery to open up and chat.”

It doesn’t take long for Marlon to act on the knowledge Chas and Jimmy unintentionally provide him and set up this lock-in. He just wants it to be helpful.

Samaritans and Andy’s Man Club, two mental health organizations, have been collaborating with Emmerdale on this ongoing plotline.

Moreover, Neil Waine of Andy’s Man Club stated: “Today, 3 out of 4 suicides in the UK involve men.

“We will be thrilled if this Emmerdale episode can highlight how crucial it is for guys to chat, as it might just inspire one man to visit an AndysManClub and realize that “It’s Alright to Talk.”

Congratulations to Emmerdale for taking on this topic head-on and accurately, which we all believed was crucial.

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