Emmerdale to air special double bill tonight as Mac receives mystery call

Fans of Emmerdale will be thrilled to learn that the soap will air a special double episode tonight.

The soap will air twice as much for an hour starting at 8 p.m. on ITV after being repeatedly canceled after the Queen’s passing.

Fans will have to wait until next week to catch the beginning of Kelly’s dramatic farewell because Coronation Street won’t air tonight.

Tonight, Mackenzie answers a mysterious call while requesting that the caller leave him alone.

It follows his decision to keep his infidelity from Charity hidden while he grappled with his anguish over her ectopic pregnancy.

Since his shocking affair became public, fans have been making educated guesses as to who it might be, and some viewers have figured it out.

As Mack’s remorse over what he did continues to consume him, several hints have already been shown on the soap opera. Nate has been informed of what transpired, and he has made some admissions regarding the individual and who they may be.

Mack refused to provide their identity in a recent episode when Nate questioned who he had slept with, but he did provide some telling hints.

He smiled, “Nice try,” but he insisted on using the name. Then Nate continued. A person I know? Because it will eventually come out if it is someone from the area.

Because she lived far away, I believed my secret was safe. He worried to Mack, “You’re going to run across your secret every day in the pub, the tavern that Charity runs.

“They gave me a promise, and I believe them,” he continued. If this all came to light, they would stand to lose much more.

The fact that he kept referring to the individual as “they” led to speculation that it might not have been a woman he slept with, and followers came up with some other crazy guesses for who he was in bed with.

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