Emmerdale theory: Vanessa Woodfield’s mother arrives as dark past unveiled

As the Friday episode of Emmerdale began, Vanessa had a lot on her plate after learning that her lover Suzy Merton had a hand in Leyla Harding’s overdose.

After growing weary of her partner’s endless justifications, Vanessa made the decision to ask her friend Rhona Goskirk for some help.

The ITV soap opera favorite overheard her buddy and her mother Mary Goskirk debating the pass the elderly had made on the local vet.

Earlier this week, while her daughter’s friend was showering Vanessa with accolades, an intoxicated Mary attempted to kiss Vanessa.

Mary let go of her inhibitions because she felt alone and without anybody to love her; however, Rhona witnessed the entire incident and was upset with her mother.

The two were silent when Vanessa arrived to visit them after squabbling at the beginning of Friday’s program.

Vanessa entered the awkward setting and said: “Why is Marlon sitting outside? He claimed that you had been bickering all morning and that the silence is now sponsored.”

Mary got to her feet and said to the local veterinarian, Vanessa, “Vanessa, I am so embarrassed. I apologize for what occurred.”

Vanessa answered: “Mary, oh please. All of it has been forgotten, at least by me. Rhona, we’ve all made inebriated passes before.”

Tell me that when your mother tries to push her tongue down my throat, Rhona yelled indignantly.

This seemed to be a sign that someone from Vanessa’s past would soon arrive in the community because her mother is rarely mentioned.

Rhona could have believed she was just joking, but she and her companion might be taken aback when the matriarchal figure shows up.

Vanessa may not be overjoyed to see her mother, though, since she is aware that it will bring back some unpleasant memories from when she was younger.

After Frank Clayton (Michael Praed) was introduced to the program in 2016, it became apparent that Vanessa had a mother figure in her life.

He was the father of Vanessa and Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh), Vanessa’s long-lost sister, and he struggled with the knowledge that he abandoned his children when they were little.

Vanessa was oblivious to the distinction because her mother had remarried and changed her name to Mrs. Woodfield when she was ten years old.

Vanessa struggled to fit into the family dynamic but couldn’t help but harbor resentment toward Frank for tearing the family apart.

She might have also been enraged with him because her horrible history might not have occurred if he had stayed with her mother.

Mr. Woodfield would never do anything wrong in Mrs. Woodfield’s eyes and would put his demands ahead of Vanessa’s because she is so content in their marriage.

As Vanessa grew older, her stepfather might have made it apparent that she was not wanted and ordered her to leave the house.

Vanessa would have attended college at this time and would have first met Rhona if her mother had not turned a blind eye.

This would have introduced Vanessa to Mary, who she later came to see as a mother figure because she and Rhona frequently spent time together.

Unfortunately, Vanessa would have turned to her own mother for assistance when she was told she had bowel cancer and needed to spend some time away from the community.

Vanessa and her mother may have argued endlessly about Mr. Woodfield, who would have passed away, as she recovered from her therapy.

Vanessa might have thought she had to stay with her mother at this point because Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) had cheated on her.

Vanessa would have returned to the town as soon as she felt well enough and capable enough to face her ex.

She might not have told her mother where she was going at the time, which would have been at the end of last year.

Because of this, her mother would have been concerned when she arrived in the village after being in touch with her for more than eight months.

The local vet may face her mother and inform her that since she keeps protecting her late spouse, there is no way they can ever be friends.

After Frank abandoned her, Vanessa’s mother could admit in an emotional heart-to-heart that she was scared of being alone.

Mr. Woodfield wanted to give her the life she had always desired and was willing to do anything to prevent their breakup.

She may apologize to her daughter for disappointing her and let her know she would stay in the Dales so they could mend fences.

Will Vanessa accept her mother’s friendship hand?

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