Emmerdale theory: Triple exit as Leyla Harding, Liam Cavanagh and Jacob Gallagher leave

On Emmerdale last week, Leyla had a heart attack as her drug addiction plot finally came to a head and Liam Jacob learned the truth.

Victoria Sugden was more effective in persuading Jacob to help his mother than she was in persuading Liam.

The trio appears to be at odds right now, but in upcoming ITV soap opera scenes, they might be prepared to leave the village, which is associated with so many terrible memories of each person’s history.

Leyla regained consciousness at the end of last week’s episodes, but Liam was nowhere to be found, leading him to believe that she had dug her own grave.

The doctor believed his wife was to blame for this because their daughter Leanna Cavanagh (Mimi Slinger) died at such a young age.

He had even more incentive to shun his wife when he realized David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) was also aware of Leyla’s drug use but chose not to inform him.

Leyla believed her husband was parking the car as Victoria arrived at the hospital before he came to pick her up to take her home.

She erred in assuming that their marriage was in jeopardy when Victoria stated that Liam wouldn’t be visiting the hospital.

The show’s viewers were incensed with Liam for harming Leyla, and many pointed out that his wife had supported him as he grieved for his daughter.

Michelle, a follower of the weeknight drama series, tweeted: “Liam was much aided by Leyla, though. She urgently needs her hubby, #Emmerdale.”

Domain Harry posted the following on social media: “Liam abandoned my Leyla when she most needed him. What a #emmerdale scoundrel.”

As Shannon said: “You’d think Liam would be the one to understand of all people. Emmerdale is a complete child of a guy.”

Luna revealed: “Liam shouldn’t get the better of Leyla. Victoria seems to be making the most sense at the moment in #emmerdale, which surprises me.”

This storyline, though, can take a turn if Liam realizes how much his wife needs him and decides to step up.

After Leyla was released from the hospital, she was able to go back home and have a frank discussion with her husband.

They might decide that a fresh start away from the village would be the best option as they think about the future of their marriage.

They wouldn’t be around the area where Leyla acquired her addiction, they wouldn’t be reminded of Meena Jutla’s (Paige Sandhu) horrifying actions, and they wouldn’t have any reminders of Leanna’s death.

In reality, they would be far from any triggers that have in the past led to fights and disputes.

They might choose to depart around the time Jacob leaves for college, in which case he would also be departing.

Jacob would be leaving behind memories of the anguish Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein) perpetrated upon him and the scene of his girlfriend Leanna’s death.

With Jacob visiting his father, David, on occasion, it might be a new beginning for the entire family.

Three significant exits might herald the start of the show’s 50th anniversary celebration, which would coincide with this.

Liam’s actor, Jonny, has previously discussed how the tragedy he experienced in the community haunts his character.

Liam has spent the last year or two attempting to contain his rage, anguish, and resentment as well as the existential question, “Why keep on?,” according to Jonny.

“He’s managed to gather everything, shut the door, and then when everything happens, it’s like a wardrobe that’s overstuffed.

He is once more utterly buried since everything has fallen apart.

“This will make it even more challenging than it already is. It will cause him to regress considerably.

Given that Leyla has been a mainstay of the evening serial drama for almost 15 years, it might be simpler for Liam to leave than Leyla.

She founded Take A Vow, a company, in the hamlet and over the years, she has also experienced a number of memorable romantic relationships.

She could only be grateful that meeting Liam while residing in the Dales brought them together.

Despite their marriage’s rocky beginning, they were able to finally find happiness and set sail into the distance.

Will the show’s audience miss the adored couple if they leave the area or perhaps start their own family there?

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