Emmerdale theory: Sandra Flaherty not Liv’s mother as dark past finally exposed

This week, Sandra’s motivation for returning to Emmerdale was made clear when she said she planned to fleece her daughter, Liv Flaherty, of all the money she has.

Vinny Dingle has some serious misgivings about his mother-in-law, but his wife is determined to aid the villain and has even gone to great lengths to secure her employment at the salon.

However, the young woman could soon realize she is not blood-related to Sandra at all as a frightening secret from the past is unravelled on the ITV soap.

Many have questioned Sandra’s parenting skills in light of the fact that she disowned her daughter after she had an epileptic attack last year and now wants to seize all of her money.

This might be the case because she isn’t even Liv’s mother and the child was simply brought into her life as part of a transaction.

The antagonist has already demonstrated that she is open to a few schemes, but after Liv’s relationship with Gordon Livesy (Gary Mavers) had various difficulties, she might have managed to get her hands on Liv.

Sandra could have informed her husband she was expecting his child out of fear that he was going to leave her.

Gordon, who was unable to leave his partner, could have remained to carry out his fatherly duties, but he might not have realized she wasn’t his daughter.

Sandra might have worn variously shaped bumps during her fictitious pregnancy to give the impression that she was carrying a child.

In contrast, the bad guy could have made arrangements to buy a kid from a mother who didn’t want her child away from the family home.

The two might have crossed paths at an antenatal class, with Sandra attending to maintain the illusion that she was expecting a child.

Sandra had the option to offer some cash in return for the child after speaking with a woman who was finding it difficult to accept that she would soon become a single mother.

The villain would have pretended to be traveling to visit a family member when the mother went into labor before returning with her daughter in tow.

Sandra no longer needs to maintain the façade because Gordon is deceased and Liv is an adult, thus she has made money off of her relationship with her daughter.

She may admit she doesn’t care for Liv because she’s not her mother because someone is very likely to find out what she has been doing.

The mother and daughter pair could finally part ways despite allegedly being together for the past 18 years.

This might start a new plot thread for Liv as she decides she wants to find her birth mother and learn why she was abandoned.

Will the meeting between the mother and daughter be a happy occasion or will it serve to emphasize how profoundly different each of them is?

Joanne, the actress who plays Sandra, discussed her role with the media and warned that Liv’s friendship with the bad guy would be questioned.

Joanne clarified: “The relationship is there, but I don’t believe I quite understand where it’s heading right now.

“I believe Sandra has an agenda so narrowly focused on what she must obtain that it nearly seems blind.

But if there is anything that could indicate that kind of weakness in the future, I would be quite curious to see what is to come.

“If there is a vulnerability, it is that one. Since she is a human person at the end of the day, there must be somewhere.

She said, “She’s not in the right frame of mind right now, but it’d be beautiful because they have a nice relationship when it’s nice.

“I guess at the moment, it’s few and far between. However, the relationship still exists, the soap opera star emphasized.

But may Liv’s realization that the person she believed she could have trusted had been lying to her her entire life ruin her relationship?

Joanne, however, has claimed that her character is “smart” and adept at scheming without being discovered.

The actress continued, “I think that [concept of getting caught out] all the way along] is always going to be there, I mean, she’s not stupid.”

She is constantly observing. She is observing their relationship because she has never witnessed Liv and Vinny cohabiting, thus she frequently engages in pretend play.

She is planning, accessing, and observing how people interact, and since this might all end disastrously, she needs to maintain order, in my opinion.

“I believe she needs to be cunning; she knows what she wants to do, but anything may go wrong since Liv could tell her to go at any time. I believe this happens frequently.

But Sandra is intelligent and highly convincing.

When Liv learns the truth about her parentage, will Sandra still be able to win her over?

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