Emmerdale theory: Sandra Flaherty harbouring death secret as she returns to village

In future scenes on the ITV soap, Sandra Flaherty from EMMERDALE is prepared to make problems as she settles back into the village.

She might, however, have a compelling reason for wanting to see her daughter once more, according to a recent notion put forth by Express.co.uk.

When Liv Flaherty had an epileptic seizure when they were having a heavy drinking session last year on Emmerdale, Sandra decided to wash her hands of being Liv’s mother.

The mother of one will meet her kid for the first time this week on the ITV soap after giving Liv back to Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) so she would be safe.

She appears to have reasons for wanting to see her child beyond simply keeping tabs on her, but one of those purposes could be that she wants Liv’s assistance to make sure she doesn’t pass away.

The conflict continues in the episodes airing the next week when Sandra tells her daughter that she owes Terry £4,000. This puts Liv and Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) against the wall right away.

The alcoholic will beg the partner to believe her when she attempts to play the victim by alleging that she was taken advantage of.

To avoid attracting unwanted attention, Liv agrees to let her mother stay as long as she blocks Terry’s phone number and keeps to herself.

Liv isn’t entirely convinced about the issue, though, as she thinks her mother is still not being completely honest about something.

Although it may look that the child is unable to pinpoint the problem, Sandra may ask her daughter for a once-in-a-lifetime favor in upcoming scenes.

Sandra might have lately been informed that the effects of her drinking have had a negative influence on her body and that she urgently needs surgery.

She would be aware that Liv could supply her with a liver transplant if it were necessary to prevent her from passing away.

The mother of one may ask Liv if she would mind being tested for the transplant once she knew her daughter once more trusted her.

Liv would initially be horrified to believe that her mother’s drinking had become so bad that she had injured a crucial organ and would be on the verge of passing away.

She would not want Sandra to pass away because she is her last surviving parent, even if she has never been a decent mother to the young girl.

Vinny would be dubious of Sandra’s request, telling Liv that she could have waited for the procedure on the transplant list.

His wife would be reminded that his mother-in-law only seems to care about her daughter when she needs something from him, and that is not how a mother should act.

If Liv didn’t help her mother receive a transplant sooner, she would be torn between what to do and whether her mother would genuinely pass away.

Will Vinny agree to support his wife no matter what choice she chooses or will her mother’s secret lead her marriage to fail?

Joanne, who plays Sandra in the show, has opened out about her return and what the future holds for the Flaherty ladies.

Joanne told Express.co.uk and other media, implying her character might be concealing something: “She’s definitely a functioning alcoholic.

“But I believe that she is deliberately exploiting it for Liv’s advantage in order to get Liv’s sympathy and her acceptance.

“Because, as we’ve already mentioned, Liv is a genuinely compassionate person, and ultimately, I believe she just wants her mother to be okay.

Before saying whether she thinks Sandra thinks her kid is a soft touch, she continued, “And Sandra sees it and continues to play on it.”

Liv is aware that she previously allowed Sandra back into her life, and the two get along really well, according to Joanne.

“I believe she truly cares about her mum. After what occurred with Gordon, I believe she feels guilty about abandoning her mother at a time when she definitely needed her.

However, I believe Sandra is, regrettably, incredibly cunning and self-assured. There must be something hidden there, that guilt.

The actress clarified whether her character believes she can achieve her goals and is hopeful about reestablishing touch with her kid.

Sandra’s stakes are very high, don’t you think? She has wind Now happily married to a nice guy, Liv.

She clearly has a great apartment and has given up drinking. She therefore has a really excellent strategy, but I do not believe it will be simple.

Joanne continued, “But at the end of the day, she knows her kid loves her.

“Despite how difficult it can be to accept at times, she really does love her daughter; I believe that she is merely playing her cards at the moment.

The actress continued, “She’s got a very clear objective, but will her character actually achieve what she wants from Liv or will she fall short of her goal?”

After putting her daughter through trauma for years, might this be Sandra’s final act?

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