Emmerdale theory: Rhona Goskirk killed on wedding day as she discovers Suzy’s secret

Since Marlon Dingle’s stroke rehabilitation has advanced quickly, Rhona has been doing her best to stay on top of everything going on in Emmerdale.

The couple has accelerated their wedding arrangements in order to get married next month due to intervention from Mary Goskirk.

If the bride learns Suzy was involved in Holly Barton’s departure from the ITV soap opera, she might not make it down the aisle.

The new plot twist started in Monday’s episode of the weekday serial drama when Rhona invited Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick), her best friend and Suzy’s partner, to help her arrange her hen celebration.

There was lots to look at because the HOP was hosting a display of the wedding events that Take A Vow planned to work with the Hide on.

Vanessa and Rhona waited to speak with Suzy as the other onlookers went to tour the facilities.

Holly was in one of the photos the visitor had previously shot, so Moira Barton (Natalie J. Robb) and Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) quickly called her out on it.

Moria became adamant about getting answers about what happened to Holly after seeing her daughter was wearing the outfit she died in.

Rhona attempted to diffuse the situation by advising her friend that it wasn’t worth reopening old wounds. Suzy was hesitant to tell Moira the truth.

Suzy and Vanessa left the Take A Vow office as Moira became enraged and the discussion turned tense.

Vanessa was also interested in learning all that transpired the last time Suzy visited the deceased, in addition to Holly’s mother.

When Vanessa discovered her partner had given Holly the money to purchase the drugs she overdosed on, she was terrified.

Having been present the morning Holly was discovered dead, the mother of one told her spouse that she had to be honest because she knew how much Moira was suffering.

As everything was going on, Rhona’s future spouse was discussing his wedding day plans with Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade).

He added that his goal was to walk down the aisle in a month even though the well-liked character is still undergoing physical therapy after his stroke.

He was confident that it would be a day to remember, but a hint near the end of the show made him wonder whether it may be a day to remember for something entirely different.

This is due to the possibility that Rhona could pass away just before she and the love of her life exchange vows in the village church.

Given the likelihood that Vanessa would inform Rhona of what she learned about her girlfriend, it is entirely possible that Suzy will be the one to murder her.

Vanessa remarked, “I cannot believe you simply stood there,” after Moira had apologized for her outburst but had still been left in the dark regarding Suzy’s relationship to Holly.

What were you expecting me to say? Suzy enquired, and Vanessa responded: “the reality. Has hell and back been visited by that woman? Did you miss what she had to say about not knowing? the empty page”

In an effort to keep her secret hidden for a little while longer, the newcomer asked, “And you think relieving everything is going to help?”

She continued, trying to further the emotional blackmail: “If you tell her, she would just make herself crazy by ruminating on additional what-if scenarios. Considering that’s all I’ve done.”

The local vet was indignant with her girlfriend’s behavior and yelled, “Still trying to save your own skin.”

“What will it be like for Moira if this is an open wound for me? Now that she’s barely managing, “Susanne said.

“Do you think I’ll lie for you?” Vanessa pleaded with her spouse to keep this a secret for the sake of everyone, saying, “I am not asking you to lie.”

Rhona and Vanessa have a reputation for telling each other everything, including secrets they haven’t shared with loved ones.

When Rhona learned that her ex-husband Pierce Harris (Jonathan Wrather) was passing away earlier this year, she turned to Vanessa.

The bride will want to tell Moira the truth now that the tables have been turned and Vanessa might be the one to tell Rhona what Suzy did to Holly.

Rhona might be halted in her tracks by Suzy, though, before she can talk to Moira after learning the truth about Holly the morning of her wedding.

The newcomer would admit to Rhona that she is aware that her identity has been revealed, but that she will stop at nothing to keep Moira from learning the truth.

Threats wouldn’t bother Rhona, but when she turns to go, an enraged Suzy might kick her in the head.

Unfortunately, she might strike Rhona a little too hard and wind up killing her, which would accelerate Suzy’s rate of death.

Will she succeed in concealing this death, or will she be exposed when she makes serious errors while attempting to hide her tracks?

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