Emmerdale theory: Priya Sharma’s new career unveiled as she plans future away from village

Priya had a terrible year’s end on Emmerdale last year since she was caught up in the maze fire and had life-altering burns to her body.

Due of this, the formerly self-assured woman has become a shell of what she once was, and she is always hiding her wounds to protect herself from what she perceives would be judgment from others.

However, it appears that things may change in upcoming scenes of the ITV soap opera, and she might find a new chance presented to her.

The drama starts the following week as Marlon Dingle’s (Mark Charnock) and Rhona Goskirk’s (Zo Henry) wedding day approaches.

Marlon and Priya had a deal a few weeks ago that if he were to go down the aisle alone without assistance, she would have to dance without a jacket on.

Priya agrees to this, and as she sees Marlon approach his future wife alone, she is encouraged by this to uphold her end of the bargain.

When the reception starts, the well-known character takes off her jacket to reveal her back and the scars that her injuries have left behind.

She doesn’t avoid the dance floor; instead, she exudes confidence and revels in the moment with everyone else.

Priya might have a completely different viewpoint as she starts a new chapter in her life after the fire that altered it.

This includes seizing employment chances when they present themselves, particularly in light of the recent termination from Take A Vow by Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi).

She might be taken aback if she gets an email asking her to meet with a company that is looking to hire new models in London.

Rhona had been so brave at his wedding that Marlon could prove it was him who asked her to email the business.

The chef would advise her to live life to the fullest because you only get one shot after speaking with Marlon about whether she would be able to achieve it.

She could choose to apply for the job because she wouldn’t have anything tying her to the community, and, lo and behold, she might get it.

When discussing the details of their daughter’s custody with David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden), he could concur that she should stay with her mother.

Priya could say farewell to her friends and family and thank them for all their support as things seemed to be going well for her.

Priya would agree to keep in touch with Marlon and update him on her new career because they have recently grown quite close.

This would be the ideal way for the businesswoman to leave the village after ten years there.

The actress who plays Priya, Fiona, discussed the effects it would have on her character after the plot had Priya endure burns to her body.

Fiona clarified: “Priya finds it to be tremendously difficult and distressing because what she sees is simply not her body.

“She is no longer aware of who she is. Her worst nightmare is this. She is cutting off communication with everyone because she feels so lonely.”

The actor who plays Priya continued by recalling the moment she first noticed her scars: “It’s a very depressing time.

The scars required two hours of makeup, but I didn’t look at them before the shoot because I wanted to see how others would respond.

Fiona said in response to a question about the significance of the plot: “It’s a huge responsibility to take on this storyline, portraying real people’s lives and situations real people are going through – it’s heavy.

“For those who have scars in real life, I feel a tremendous responsibility to do the storyline justice.

We have been collaborating with the Changing Faces charity, an organization that supports anyone with a physical difference, and the writers and producers are outstanding. Something like this is taken very seriously.

She explained to ITV’s This Morning that receiving a call about a major storyline is always wonderful and makes her think, “Great, something to get my teeth into.”

Back in 2020, Fiona addressed the question of when, after more than a decade, she would actually be prepared to leave the show.

Before the Burns saga began, she declared: “I’m content there now. We shall see. I have big goals. There is still a ton tremendous do.

“I would like to have kids. I’m conscious that you need to snag some time and space to get things done,” she told The Mirror.

Therefore, two years from now might be an ideal time for Priya and Fiona to say goodbye to the village and start a new chapter.

Without their sister and daughter, how will Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) and Rishi Sharma (Bhakser Patel) manage?

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