Emmerdale theory: Priya Sharma and David Metcalfe for affair in steamy reunion twist

Priya Sharma, a fan favorite of EMMERDALE, has been absent from the action on the ITV soap but, according to a fresh speculation by Express.co.uk, she might be about to take center stage in a brand-new plotline when she gets back in touch with a previous lover.

Priya has recently been spotted in the background of various Emmerdale storylines, including those focusing on David Metcalfe, Leyla Harding, and Al Chapman.

She is a single mother of one and recently has found it difficult to make the payments for her daughter’s ballet lessons; as a result, she has had to approach David, the child’s father, for assistance.

He is currently facing his own financial issues, but in upcoming scenes from the ITV soap opera, he might find solace in the arms of his ex-fiance.

Later this week, as David is pursuing his insurance claim against Nicola King, whose car collided with his, the drama begins.

David has ignored the reality that she was traumatized by her attack and in need of money at the same time, which is why she did this.

Next week, when she leaves her house properly for the first time, it will appear that she is gaining confidence and that things are looking brighter for her.

However, it appears as though her entire world could crumble around her once she realizes what the shopkeeper is doing to make some money.

He has claimed he has whiplash and wants a large settlement despite not being wounded in the automobile incident, which means he is lying and committing fraud.

Priya and Jacob Gallagher, who are concerned about where he is taking this, attempt to convince him to make a U-turn.

They are adamant in their objections, but David is obstinate, as evidenced by his reaction to his girlfriend Victoria Sugden’s attempts to assist him.

Even yet, he appears to express some remorse for his conduct as his ex-lover drives home the illegality of what he is doing.

He will then have to make a crucial choice regarding whether to carry out his plan or to withdraw and alienate those who are closest to him.

Priya, with whom he shares a daughter, is one person who could not be prepared to accept him pushing them away. She needs to communicate with him.

Priya, a wealthy businesswoman, might show David how he might improve his finances as they spend more time together.

The shopkeeper may start to see results after putting his strategy into motion, but those outcomes couldn’t entail selling his company.

He might be able to glimpse optimism for the future for the first time in a very long time thanks to Priya.

He might rekindle feelings for the mother of his daughter even while they are still together with Victoria, and vice versa.

Knowing there is chemistry between them, the couple can succumb to temptation and start a passionate relationship.

When he was dating Meena Jutla, Victoria almost lost her life since David is not known for being honest with his relationships when he is moving on with someone else (Paige Sandhu).

How long will he be able to have Victoria and Priya in his life before everything he values is lost?

It might be revealed on the day of their wedding because the shopkeeper intends to wed Victoria in the coming months.

Because many affairs are discovered in the midst of significant events, the same thing can happen again.

Will David select Victoria, knowing he can only have one of the ladies in his life, or will he go back to be by Priya’s side?

Fiona, the actress who plays Priya, has previously discussed whether she thinks David and Priya would form a compatible pair.

When Priya and David started dating in 2013, Fiona said, “I do in a lot of ways.

“I think Priya is a classy, entertaining, and ambitious girl. Although David appreciates such qualities in her, she is unable to provide him with some of the other things that other women can.

She continued, “I enjoy the drama. It’s healthy to be pushed, and if they get married, I’m sure it won’t be an easy road.

She said, “I think it’s excellent to keep Priya on edge, so could it be that if David picks Priya, he would marry her right away?”

When asked if David ever got over Priya, the actor who plays him, Matthew, stated that a future with them might be possible.

In an interview with Digital Spy, he said, “I think they will absolutely crop up again – I know that for certain.

I’m not entirely sure how things will turn out after that.

We’ll have to wait and see whether Priya is still in love with David or whether she is simply looking for a partner.

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