Emmerdale theory: Noah Dingle’s next victim unveiled as he returns to the village

A few weeks ago on Emmerdale, Noah received a three-month prison term as a result of the courts punishing him for stalking Chloe Harris.

His mother, Charity Dingle, reported him to the police, and the entire hamlet turned its back on him as a result.

Amelia Spencer, on the other hand, continues to harbor romantic feelings for him, and in upcoming scenes from the ITV soap opera, she might be in grave danger.

The plot of the evening serial drama will continue in the episodes airing the next week as Gabby Thomas receives an intriguing letter.

As it appears that she will want to see him, Noah sends her a visiting order in the hopes that he may discuss his obsession with Chloe with her.

The mother of one, however, is unwavering in her stance and ultimately decides to throw the visiting order in the trash before continuing with her day.

Amelia determines she can use the piece of paper in the trash to her advantage because she still has feelings for Noah.

She quickly encounters a problem, though, when she realizes that in order to use the visiting order and enter the prison, she requires a copy of Gabby’s ID.

Amelia finds a way to obtain the form of identity and goes to the jail to visit Noah, but he is not going to be happy to see her.

When Noah realizes Gabby hasn’t visited him, he’s outraged, but talking to Amelia might give him some food for thought.

Amelia seems to be thinking a lot when she gets back to the hamlet, and Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) notices this.

The young girl confides in her neighbor as the two women sit down, and Lydia tries to persuade her that she could be doing better.

Although Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) intends to assist Amelia, it appears that he might ruin everything Lydia has accomplished.

In just a few weeks, when Noah returns to the hamlet, it’s entirely possible that his conversations with Amelia have caused him to develop an obsession with her.

Even though he doesn’t view her romantically, he might start stalking her once he realizes that she is the only person who is on his side.

In his perspective, he would be doing everything he could to protect her since he would want to make sure that nothing bad happened to her.

Amelia could not see the sinister side of this because she would enjoy spending more time with Noah.

Will she understand that she is his next victim and that he is keeping an eye on her when she wants privacy, which should be respected?

Noah’s actor, Jack, has already discussed his role and described how troubled the boy appears to be.

“I think Noah is just trying to wrap his head around girls right now,” Jack remarked.

Regarding his particular fascination with Gabby, he continued: “He was a little taken aback when Gabby paid him attention earlier.

“Although he appreciates that she is older and more experienced, he is still unsure about how to approach her. Noah is good-hearted and frequently has the best of intentions.

But I believe that every Dingle has a cunning side to them. To see the Dingle emerge in Noah and observe him create some havoc around the village would be so much fun!

Despite being a cast member for more than ten years, Jack expressed his enjoyment of his time on the show.

One of my earliest memories of Emmerdale is a scene I performed while sitting in a van’s footwell because Noah had been abducted, the young soap opera star remarked.

“I’ll never forget that scene. But right now, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t fit in that footwell!

“While being among grownups all the time is unusual, I believe it has aided my maturation in many ways.

In contrast, he admitted in an interview with Inside Soap that he has “missed out on my fair share of outings and things with folks my own age, but it’s all part and parcel of having such a tremendous chance.”

Emma, the actress who plays Charity, has also been asked if she believes Charity made the correct decision in calling the police about her son’s disappearance.

Says Emma “I believe she is currently grappling with one of the most difficult moral decisions of her life since she is essentially putting Noah in a situation where he faces the possibility of going to jail for possessing the photographs and information on his laptop.

“Thus, there is a great deal of risk involved. She is aware of her affection for Noah.

“Her actions have put a lot of strain on their relationship, and Noah is understandably distraught. She feels rejected since he’s shut her out.”

But will he have learned a valuable lesson while there, or will he emerge unchanged?

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