Emmerdale theory: Noah Dingle and Amelia Spencer to become parents after prison release

In the Wednesday night episode of Emmerdale, Amelia paid Noah another visit as she carried on impersonating Gabby Thomas.

The troublemaker was relieved to see the child still visiting him in prison because it appeared that everyone else had abandoned him.

He and his new love interest might, however, not waste any time in moving their relationship forward given that his departure from the ITV soap opera is only a matter of days away.

Liam Fox’s character Dan Spencer opened the episode by interrogating his niece Amelia about the man she was allegedly seeing.

Following her own conversation with the young woman, Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) had mentioned this to him, and he was curious to find out who this boy was.

He had no idea that she was seeing Noah, and although the prisoner hasn’t explicitly indicated that they are dating, Amelia has come to feel that this is what her visits signify.

The young girl followed her every move as she entered jail while attempting to conceal her boyfriend’s identity from her uncle.

She had another pleasant talk with Noah, who seemed to like her more and more each time she goes to see him.

Amelia was unable to stop thinking about Noah or the affects the weight gain syrup was having on her body as she made her way back to the hamlet.

She struggled to focus after agreeing to have a conversation with her uncle at the Hide, but Dan dropped a significant clue that she might become pregnant soon.

The mechanic questioned the girl, assuming his niece had spent the entire afternoon watching the children at Home Farm, “Did babysitting go alright?”

“It was only there for 30 minutes or so. I met up with some friends, and we just hung out for a while after that “She responded while lying vehemently.

Dan didn’t scrimp on the discussion of boys any further as he asked, “Right, so are you going to tell me his name or what?”

Just asking, not snooping. However, I wouldn’t mind meeting him and giving him a once-over at some point,” Dan continued as Amelia’s vision became hazy.

She struggled to maintain her equilibrium and didn’t appear to hear Dan’s suggestion that she would someday become a mother.

“That’s the trouble with being a parent, as one day you will understand, you’re always left in the dark,” he said, elaborating.

Without realizing how accurate he was, he said, “You could be meeting some crazy in prison for I know.”

Amelia informed her uncle that she no longer wished to discuss boys because she preferred to keep such matters private as the conversation came to an end.

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