Emmerdale theory: Mary Goskirk to tear couple apart as she begins new romance

After decades of disguising her true identity, Mary bravely revealed her sexual orientation to her friends and family earlier this year on Emmerdale.

Rhona Goskirk, her daughter, first had trouble accepting the news, but ever since then, she has been a tremendous support to the ITV soap opera matriarch.

When Mary senses someone is interested in her, it seems as though she is getting the short end of the stick. If a romance develops as a result, Suzy Merton can experience heartbreak (Martelle Edinborough).

The turmoil starts in the episodes airing the next week as Rhona’s hen party day approaches and everyone is in a festive mood.

Mary, Rhona’s best friend and maid of honor, Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick), and Moira Barton are some of the partygoers (Natalie J Robb).

Mary suddenly realizes that everyone around her is married, whereas she hasn’t found a partner since she lost Louise, a neighbor she secretly loved but never told.

When Vanessa sees Mary distressed, she lends a sympathetic ear, and soon the pensioner is discussing her sexuality with her daughter’s best friend.

Vanessa believes she can offer some support to the Goskirk matriarch because she is also queer and came out later in life.

Unfortunately, Mary misinterprets this act of goodwill as anything more, and soon after, she kisses the local veterinarian.

Vanessa informs Mary right away that she is holding the wrong end of the stick and that she just views Mary as a friend.

Rhona’s mother leaves the party without waiting to be more humiliated because she is so horrified by her attempt to kiss Vanessa.

The following day, Mary confides in her daughter that she is feeling lonely while everyone around her is in love, but she might be in for a surprise.

Vanessa might finally put an end to this relationship because Suzy and she had been having some recent relationship issues.

Vanessa may have found the kindness she has been yearning for in Mary, and Suzy just doesn’t seem to possess it.

Vanessa might be tired and want the security Mary would provide her in addition to Suzy harboring a lot of secrets.

Therefore, Rhona’s mother would have broken the marriage apart, and even though Rhona believes she has no chance of recovery, Vanessa may show up and convince her otherwise.

She might tell Mary that they can be together as long as she believes they can make their relationship work and she is willing to assist with child care.

Mary would be over the moon because she would finally be able to be herself and wouldn’t feel like the odd one out any more.

But how will Rhona react to the relationship between her mother and closest friend?

Rhona might believe that if they split, she would have to pick a side, putting her allegiances to Vanessa and her mother to the test.

Additionally, this would raise concerns about what would happen to Suzy because the newcomer would be incensed to learn that her girlfriend had moved on so rapidly.

Will she devise an intervention and take advantage of Mary’s vulnerabilities by making her feel awkward about having a relationship with a younger woman?

As she is torn between several ladies, Vanessa risked being the center of a sour argument. Which woman will she choose to be with?

Michelle, the actress who plays Vanessa, has commented on whether or not the romance between her and Suzy would continue.

Michelle clarified: “You’re not who I thought you were, she declares. Every day of our relationship has been a lie. Have you felt well lately? Has there been a comedown for you? My child has been with you.

“That worries me as a mother. For Vanessa, it’s devastating. Suzy initially makes an effort to escape.

She claims to no longer use drugs, but Vanessa believes there are too many falsehoods and that it is already too late. She senses that she no longer knows Suzy. The faith is gone.

“I firmly feel that they are in love with one another. If Suzy is sober, there might be a second opportunity, Michelle continued.

I’ve lost track now, but it could be a third or fourth! I’d be sorry if they split up since I adore working with Martelle [Edinborough], the soap opera star said.

There may be a chance for affections to form between Vanessa and the actor who portrays Mary since Louise, who plays Mary, has made it seem like she’ll be there for a while.

Louise stated, “I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed, so it just relies on what the powers that be believe,” in reference to her future.

Will she be paired with a younger lover as she stated to the media, “I would love to stay”?

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