Emmerdale theory: Marlon Dingle’s heartbreaking secret exposed as he returns to Woolpack

After having a stroke earlier this year on Emmerdale, Marlon has recently been working to get his life back on track.

The father of two has not visited the Woolpack bar where he once worked because his recuperation has taken over his life over the past six months.

But he will make a triumphant return in upcoming moments on the ITV soap opera, and for the adored character, not all is as it seems.

The drama continues in the upcoming episodes as Rhona Goskirk (Zo Henry), Marlon’s fiancée, and he eagerly arrange their wedding.

When Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) suggests that they throw a party to celebrate the couple’s engagement, Rhona becomes uneasy.

Marlon hasn’t been in the mood to celebrate since his stroke because his rehabilitation tends to consume the majority of his energy.

He is equally uneasy when the village vet offers the notion to her groom, but he thinks he must return to society.

The chef is really anxious despite saying he will return to the Woolpack to celebrate with his friends and family.

Marlon has only recently regained use of his hands as a result of his rehabilitation, and he has been observed assisting Mary Goskirk with simple duties in the kitchen.

The tavern serves as a powerful reminder of his life before the stroke, and he questions whether he will ever be able to go back.

Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt), who is aware of Marlon’s anxiety, promises him that everything will be OK and that it will be like going back in time.

When the couple eventually arrives at the bar, Marlon enters the establishment in his wheelchair to everyone’s delight.

Marlon is able to express his love to his future wife because his speech has drastically improved over the past few weeks.

Everything seemed to be going well because April Windsor (Amelia Flanagan) expressed her happiness at her father’s return to the Woolpack.

Marlon appears to be keeping a poker face and is not as comfortable as he is portraying, therefore he might be hiding something.

He may be hiding this knowledge from his loved ones since he has made the decision not to go back to working at the pub when he is well enough to do so.

He may decide to retrain for a different position after serving as the establishment’s chef for a number of years because he couldn’t bear the thought of returning to the culinary industry in the event of another unfortunate event.

Upon realizing his secret, will Marlon’s loved ones be able to persuade him that this is not the end of his narrative at the pub?

After 25 years since his initial appearance on the show, Marlon’s actor, Mark, has talked about taking on this high-profile narrative.

Since no two strokes are the same, as we frequently mention in interviews, Mark was really anxious about the response.

I was concerned about the online reaction, but it has been quite impressive.

“They have empathized with it, even though Marlon’s stroke wasn’t similar to the stroke they had seen or experienced themselves.

“For me, the most astounding part of it is that it seems to have increased awareness to the point that a small community has gathered online and is exchanging stroke-related tales with one another. That gives me hope,” he said on ITV’s This Morning.

Mark also discussed his character’s post-stroke existence in interviews with media outlets.

The soap opera star predicted that it will alter the character’s destiny forever. That doesn’t really worry me because it’s simply another chapter in his journey.

“Soaps are unlike any other type of drama in that when you flip the page on the script, your character’s day has already begun.

“These things do happen to individuals, and it appears that he was the victim of this just like I could have been. I see it as something that enhances him rather than something that detracts from him.

He added, “I think it gives him more dimensions and more stuff to deal with as a character. It will affect him, but not necessarily in a terrible way.

But the performer wanted to give any viewers who might have had a stroke—either themselves or someone they know—hope that things could get back to normal.

So perhaps, in addition to being upsetting and traumatizing for the characters, it will motivate them to reclaim their lives, added Mark.

And perhaps motivate those who view it to make a small lifestyle change in order to prevent this from happening to them because it does to so many other people.

Marlon wants to be able to meet Rhona at the altar without assistance as part of his marriage to her.

Will the adored figure be able to do the heroic deed?

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